January 14, 2008

How I turned 16 miles into 12.....

I'm like Harry Houdini....I can magically turn 16 miles into 12...or that little leprechaun on the cereal that makes it "magically delicious"....

Since it's magic, I can't tell you how I did it....

Okay, if you insist.

It was all Troy's fault.

Okay, not exactly.

It was my new-old shoes fault because they haven't arrived yet and I'm still wearing the old-old ones.

Okay, so that wasn't it either.

It was Tim's fault for getting in 4 at 6am (ie, before I got there).

Yeah, that's a lousy excuse too, right.

It was Melissa's fault for forcing all those smores down my throat and making me feel bad.

Alright, she didn't exactly "force" the marshmallows down my throat.

Okay, so here's what really happened.

I'm too co-dependent when it comes to long runs. I realized that I might have to run the last 4 solo and that everyone else would be at Waffle House without me and I just didn't want to see that happen. So, I bailed on 12 with the highest intentions of running the other 4 last night which totally conflicted with our scheduled appointment at Ingleside Village Pizza and post-IVP Dairy Queen run, so what I'm trying to say is that I ONLY ran 12 miles yesterday.

There used to be a time when I said I ONLY ran 3 miles today.

People, there was a TIME when I said I ONLY ran 3 miles.

Plans for this week is to gear up for the Aviation Museum Half-Marathon on Saturday. I'm going to try and beat my PR from last year of 2:18. Based on my long runs lately, I may just barely make it. Barely. I'm planning on running on Tim's heels who looks like he might be finishing around 2:15. Thank goodness drafting's not illegal in running.

Have a great week.


Marathoner in Training said...

You can do it. Running 12 is nothing to be a shamed of.

Anonymous said...

You will totally beat your time from last year! Can't wait to hear the race report!!
hey-are you still coming over in February????

Melissa said...

It was about time you posted a new blog...ya slacker!!! =) Hey atleast I didn't force you to drink Yager shots!

Jim said...

Hey . . . I'll trade 4 miles for group breakfast, pizza, draft beer, and an Oreo Blizzard!

Wait a minute . . . maybe that's why the FATMAN is chasing me!

Don't worry about it. Sometimes it feels good cheat (just a little bit).

Looking forward to seeing you guys in B'ham in about a month!

leora's blog said...

awww...just ask tim its easy to peer pressure me into more miles....all you have to do is ask in a winey pleading voice