January 27, 2008

18 Miles....

Today was 18 long miles.

I still don't have my new-old shoes yet so I wore my old-old Asics for 6 miles and then switched to my old-old Filas for 12 more. My feet didn't give me much trouble about the change and were actually a little happy that I gave them so much attention this morning.

We started at 6am which I thought would be a bad idea because I hate running in the dark. And although the first 3 miles weren't my favorite, once we got to the end of the loop (or mile 18) I was so very glad that I didn't have to go anymore. I think I won't kick and scream next week when we meet up with Tim at 6am for 20 (or 19 for him).

We averaged an 11:26 pace which would put us a little over 5 hours for the marathon in 4 weeks but I'm certain that with the adrenaline on race day we'll easily break the 5 hour mark.

30 miles for this week. I can't really believe that's it been this easy to get my mileage back to where it should be.

The plan for next week:
1. Get my new-old shoes! Or I'm barracading myself in Run Fit until they get here. Really.
2. Tuesday speedwork in my new shoes (see #1). At least 4 miles
3. Thursday run at Mercer...3 miles with Borscht! (Deb, I'm going to assume that you don't want to run Thursday since you're running 40 miles on Saturday. Am I correct?)
4. Maybe a Friday run with Downtown D, but that may get nixed because of #5 below.
5. Saturday's innagural 40 mile run/walk with Ultra Girl. I'll be keeping her company for 10 miles.
6. Sunday long run. 20 whole entire miles.

For a grand total of 37 miles. Wow.

Have a great week everyone!


Donna@themommyminute said...

That's a lotta running for this week! Good luck!
I'm training for my first half-marathon and had my first 19-mile week last week. I'm happy to say I survived.

Kurt said...

Good running Amy! Glad to see you do those long runs. I look forward to your race report.

Marathoner in Training said...

Dang I thought my 13.75 was a lot, you got me beat. Congrats on your run

WannaBe5Ker said...

OMG, you ran 18 miles at one time???? That is AWESOME!

You are in the groove now:-)

Anonymous said...

way to go!!! you are gonna rock these marathons!

miss petite america said...

wow indeed. good luck on your 37!!

mccrary66 said...

Been reading your blog. I grew up in Macon and my parents and Grandmother are still there. Would like to see some maps of where you run. Read your post about eating at Village Pizza - that brings back some memories. I went for a run in Macon over Christmas.

Congrats on the long run.