January 20, 2008

16 Miles and Winning Dirty

Well, I made it. I finally got that pesky 16 miles in.

Downtown D and I met at 7:15am and holy bejezzes it was C-O-L-D!! We got in 2 miles while we waited for Ultra Girl to get un-lost and join us for the 12 mile loop. When we got back from the 2 miles, Ultra was waiting on us and we started our 12 mile journey (or for Ultra: her 40 mile journey).

It was still C-O-L-D and the wind was bitter for the first 3 miles. Someone passed us and told us there was a pseudo-stalker on the loop (we're not for sure he was a stalker, but maybe just a weirdo) and to be careful. Then someone else passed us and told us someone stole the cooler AGAIN. Luckily some kind soul dropped off a load of Gatorade so we weren't totally fluidless. Then we got chased by some vultures (really. it happened.) And then we got chased by two of the friendliest little labrador retrievers. Then Ultra Girl decided she had had enough of this remote tour and would finish her 28 miles at the Base where she would feel a little safer. Downtown D finished up with 14 miles, the longest she'd ever run...and she doesn't think there's a marathon in her future?!?!?!?

I trudged on to get those last 2 miles in and was the very last soul to leave the loop this morning. It was sortof sad, a bit lonely, and made me really happy that I am typically not running solo! I went and picked up T-roy and we headed for the usual: Cracker Barrell.

When we arrived at Cracker Barrell this is what I saw in the parking lot:

You gotta LOVE THAT right????? That's Lenora to my right and Karate Girl to my left!

Today, your getting a two-for-one, since all of the above happened on Sunday.

Monday, I got my bad self up (and Troy too) to run "Dirty Runs the City". I know. I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into. Turns out it was a 9.79km race (because the radio station that sponsored it was 97.9) which suited me just fine. No matter what I ran it in, it would be a PR, right?

I would love to give you the whole version of what happened but Troy told me I needed to stop talking about it. Maybe it's the way I kept saying "and then I dropped the hammer on her!" that makes him think that I should cease on the story telling. But I'm going to tell the story...for one last time:

Lenora, Karate Girl and I started the race together. Since there were only 17 people (yes, 1.7.) running it we figured our chances of being overall female were pretty good. We had already decided that the three of us would cross together and be 1st, 1st, and 1st. At the 1 mile mark, the split caller said "9:26" and Karate Girl said she had had enough. I bet if he had of said 13:26, she would have kept that I totally blame it on the call splitter. Not Karate Girl. Anyway, by that point Paramedic Girl had arrived on the scene (I know. I'm a dork.) and in my mind that sortof messed up 1st, 1st, and 1st. I just didn't say anything else about it, except that I thought we were first females. At the 4 mile split, I asked split caller if we were first females. He said, no, that there was a girl about 1/4 of mile ahead of us. We spotted her and made it our mission to pass her. Okay, so maybe it was just my mission and I dragged them along...who knows. Fast forward to the last mile. Paramedic Girl asks if we are speeding up...I sheepishly say "whatever do you mean?" (okay, not really.) I just said no. I just kept picking it up though. All I could think was "that speedwork out really did help!" Then she said "I'm dying". Now at this point I'm not sure if she trying to fake punk me or not but I decided it was in my best interest to take advantage of that little saying. And that's when I did it. I dropped the hammer. I don't want to say "on her" because, well, that sounds mean. And I'm not mean. But I did. I just took off. And even though I felt like I was miles ahead of her, I was maybe, like a few feet ahead of her. But guess what?

This girlie got her first ever* Overall Female Trophy! I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all the people that made it happen....Dirty for putting the race on, Lenora and Karate Girl for inspiring me to get up early on my day off, Paramedic Girl for putting that spark of competition in what otherwise would have been a competitionless race, the speedwork gurus for helping to think I can get faster even if I'm really not, Troy for running with me even when he doesn't know he's signed up for the race, and finally to all those girls who are faster than me: Thanks for sleeping in! I couldn't have done it with you!

What a day!!!!

*and probably last


Bryan said...

Exactly how many times have you told this story?

Anne said...

I'd be tellin' it to everyone I came across too. No need to mention the size of the field. First is first. Congratulations!!

Melissa said...

Oh she was bustin' some tail! There could have been 1,000 out there and she would still have rocked the competition! fo sho!

Marathoner in Training said...

You are the woman. Congrats on the first.

jeff said...

snot rocket queen. you just earned yourself a "head" nickname. snotrocketqueenhead.

rinus said...

A good time run and 16 miles is a long route!.
Groet Rinus from Holland.

Mrs. Bear said...

You are freaking awesome! I would be telling that story in my sleep! Congratulations girl!

Laura Lohr : My Beautiful life

Kurt said...

Good race and congrats on the hardware! You three are super cute also!!!