December 07, 2007

Running Uptown

In a few minutes, I'm going to meet with Santa (how exciting) but in the meantime I thought I'd figure out something interesting to post about.

Today Downtown D came Uptown and ran with me. We started at my house and ran past Wesleyan College. We didn't really have a distance in mind...I guess we both figured we'd run until we ran out of things to talk about...which, by the way, never happens with me. Ask Troy. He'll tell you that's the truth. Anyway, so we just ran. We got to 1.5 miles and I alerted DT D that we were approaching a turn around point. Nope, we'll just keep going to the 2 mile mark.

Beep beep we're now approaching 2 miles. Nope, let's keep going to 2.5 miles.

As we approached 2.5, DT D asked where 3 miles would I pointed in the distance to a small green trashcan, she said we can run that far!

Well, when we got to 3 miles (which is the crest of a hill) I informed her that just a little bit farther (on much flatter ground) would be 3.5 miles and we could easily do onward we pressed.

See how team work works out???

We finished up our 7 mile run successfully gossiping about a weeks worth of info (including Jennifer Love Hewitts "size 2" issue...plaaaaeeeezzzz!) and both decided that we enjoy running with someone rather than going solo. That's why my Friday and Tuesday runs are so much fun (there I go using the word "fun" and the word "run" in the same sentence!).

Truthfully, I'm not sure what's gotten into me lately. I'm not sure if it's the perfect running weather, the fact that this semester is finally over, or just generally feeling good, but my little running career has been taking off! I guess registering for two marathons in one month will do that to you! (One on March 1, and the other on March 31!)

This weekend Ultra Girl is running yet another marathon. It doesn't look like anyone or anything is going to stop that girl! Wish I could be there, but my mother's 61st birthday party takes priority over running....I'm sure she'll do great and the Charlotte weather should be fantastic!

Well, off to get my picture taken with Santa...about a week ago I interviewed him to see what runners should be asking for this Christmas. The interview will be posted in our local running club's monthly newsletter...when it comes out, I'll post a link to it, so you can see first hand how my journalism career was started (or maybe I should just keep my day job).

On tap for this weekend:
10 miles on Sunday...and maybe a quick run on the treadmill tomorrow morning to gear myself up for shopping...I've already run 15 miles this week, plus my 10 on Sunday, I probably deserve a rest tomorrow...

Have a great weekend!


David Rodriguez said...

Hello I am David from Spain who have good plans 2 marathons in a month, is a good challenge, I hope that goes well, it is clear that train with people is much better than just a saludo.Y encourage these goals.

leora's blog said...

hey thanks for reading my post! looks like your getting in some major mileage! definitely representing as the leader for the newbies haha...It would be an honor to do a painting for you all, just give me a couple choices of things to paint and tell me if you want it in oil or watercolor, the only cost to you would be the cost of the paint and canvas which is nothing for watercolor and a bit more for oils.

Firefly's Running said...

Great run, Amy. Good luck on long run this weekend!

Tracy said...

Great run! And we can't wait for your Santa pic!!

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