December 02, 2007

More Treadmill Addiction

I'm not sure if it's just being too busy lately, or the fact that we got the flat screen mounted (finally), but once again I completed a workout on the treadmill. This time it was speedwork. I guess there are benefits to it, but eventually I'm going to have to miss an episode of What Not to Wear and actually get out on the track. And I'm sure the novelty of watching whatever I want while I run will *eventually* wear off. Besides, I'm still getting at least 4 days of actually pounding the pavement in, so a day or two on the treadmill has never hurt anyone. Well, except for Vanilla that is....

At any rate, it was a nice change of pace as I did 4 x 400's with a slow jog in between each repeat.

Next week brings no races (thank goodness) and some catching up with some running groups I've been missing lately!

Hope everyone has a great week!

BTW, in case you noticed I had to turn on the *no anonymous comments* button. Sorry to those of you who don't have an active blog, but it seems that I have made some Kinetix employees mad enough to get drunk and post stupid comments to my blog. I have a few friends who let their kids read what I post, so I need to maintain my PG status. Thanks for understanding!

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