December 26, 2007

It's Finally Over

Well, Christmas 2007 has finally come to an end...and not a day too soon. For some reason this year I wasn't in my typical jovial Christmas mood. Maybe it was the 80 degree weather we had a couple of weeks ago that ruined it, or maybe it was the fact that I was so organized that I spent the last week shopping for myself and no one else. Who knows, but I'm glad it's over.

I think I way outspent my budget and gained 40 pounds and if I never see another piece of chocolate fudge it will be too soon.

But despite my crabbiness for most of the last week, I did have fun spending time with my friends and family. I loved watching those rugrats open everything present like it was better than the one they just opened. I loved hearing Peter say over and over that this was the best Christmas ever. Brylie must have told me a million times that her new mp3 player was her favorite gift, while Cason told me how Webkins work more than a million times. Troy's nephews ought to enjoy those harmonicas (or maybe their parents will enjoy them more...), but the whole family will have a blast on their camping trip. Jena and that frog....I had no idea she would love it so much. Bryan did a good job of making sure that his New Years Day breakfast casserole or muffins or whatever I decide to bake will come out nice and clean in my silicone bakeware. My parents didn't surprise me with the mounds and mounds of gifts they had for everyone, but the stuff that is green and folds was a nice surprise! All the other gifts of socks, and books, and Matisse and Jack baking mix, and stationary, and cds, and more cooking stuff, and clothes (even if they were a size 8....Mom was smoking crack when she made that purchase!!), and chapstick, and hand sanitizer (guess who that was from?), and my very own netie pot (not that I would ever use anyone elses!) were all very very nice.

But, the best gift of all????

You guessed it: the Garmin Forerunner 305 (I was going to post a link but their website is down....presumably from all the other people registering their new gift).

Thanks everyone for making this such a nice Christmas...even if I was crabby :)

Now it's on to planning for the New Year's Party!!!!

Have a great week!


Marathoner in Training said...

I came across your post on Vanilla's blog. Congrats on the engagement, that is probably old news for you. I guess more congrats on all the loot that you got for Christmas, especially the 305 (Santa got one for me also). Garmin must have sponsored his sleigh this year. Your mom getting you a size 8, come on mom, she looks like a size 2 or 3, what were you thinking.

David Rodriguez said...

I hope you have a good year 2008 also, you do your personal best marks and you have to make health, a greeting

miss petite america said...

your holidays sound like mine! except i didn't get a garmin, though i didn't ask for one. i'm probably the only runner who didn't!

Anonymous said...

I got the 302 too!! I had the 205 but saw that you could get a footpod to use on the treadmill with the 305. I used the footpod today and it was great!! Rock on!

Firefly's Running said...

You got a great gift! That's awesome! Enjoy!

FETKDga said...
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