December 14, 2007

I'm Running a Half-Marathon Tomorrow!!!!

Well, sortof.

I'm running the course for an upcoming half-marathon with 3 other girls.

And I wasn't going to post about it, but then I started thinking...if this was an actual race, like with medals or gingerbread men at the end, then you would want me to post about it, right???

So that all day tomorrow you can think "I wonder how Amy did in that half-marathon today???"
I didn't want you to feel like you only got to cheer me on for one half-marathon this year (see January), so I'm officially sanctioning tomorrow's run race as an official one.

And I've decided that instead of getting medals (because, geez, we already have so many of them) that I'm letting the racers (all 3 of them) come eat breakfast with me at Cracker Barrell.

See, isn't that better than a stinkin' race medal???

I'll make sure to post the report when I wake up from my pancake-induced coma.

Have a great Saturday!


Firefly's Running said...

Good luck. Amy. You will do great!

Tim said...

Hey that's great - The Cracker Barrel Half Marathon!

Anonymous said...

well??? How was it? And was it really the Cracker Barrel Half like Tim said?

Anonymous said...

ok, so it really may not be sponsored by the Crack House...but, man, you have to admit, that would be way cool. I would so run a Cracker Barrel Half Marathon...