December 15, 2007

Half-Marathon Report

As I explained yesterday, I sanctioned my own's how it went down...

Four bright and cheery ladies, and one man reading a book, converged on Robins AFB for the inagural "Cracker Barrel Half Marathon and 7 Mile Fun Run".

No medals.

No gingerbread men.

But everyone who finished got an invite to Cracker Barrel...who would have guessed the prize would be so good??

After making 2 pit stops for bathroom breaks and 1 stop at my office so I could show everyone what my slice of utopia looks like, we successfully accomplished our mission of running 13.1 miles. Or somewhere dang close to it.

It was a pretty day for running and the conversation never stopped. Guess that's what happens when 4 females run together.

Leora brought some tunes so when we didn't feel like talking we all sang along to Queen's "We are the Champions". Donna made her final departure around mile 7 and Leora, Deborah, and I continued on to the swamp (good thing I waited until the end to tell them that alligators are regularly spotted there...I had them convinced that the strange sounds we heard in the water were birds...ha). We were misted a few times with the rain but nothing these tough ladies couldn't handle.

All in all I thought it was a great run and can't wait to do it again!

Although we all placed first for our age group, only 2 of us were able to make it to Cracker Barrel...better luck next time!

And here's a picture...because without a picture it didn't really happen...Cracker Barrel Half Mile 7.

This morning Troy and I braved the 30 degree weather and 20 mph gusts of wind to get another run in...Troy running 9, while I hung back on 4...this week calls for another 26 or so miles and I just can't wait!

Have a great week!


Zarafa said...

Well done! I love reading your posts - especially the races.

leora's blog said...

as one of the participants in the race i just want to say amy galeazzzzo set up a great event! the water, bathroom, and gooey gel stops were plentiful. She provided shofur service to and from the marathon complete with pecan pralines. The course required dodging of alligators and black cherry powerade, breaking up the montonony of 13 miles of base grounds. Basically if Amy told me I had to wake up tommorow and run a marathon she created...I would....and id even drink more black cherry powerade