December 18, 2007

1,000 Miles

Holy snikes I'm 23.68 miles away from logging ONE THOUSAND MILES.

On my two feet (with the assistance of two Mortons Toes.)

I just can't freakin' believe it.

With 13 days left until the end of the year, I thinkI'll break ONE THOUSAND MILES.

I could very well run 1.8215 miles each day and still make my mark.

But I'll probably get it all out of the way this week.

So, technically I could take next week off...but that won't really happen because I know my mother will be making sweet potato casserole (who cares about the sweet potatoes...burn those marshmallows woman!) for Christmas dinner, and well, those marshmallows aren't going to run themselves off....

With the announcement of my quest to become a Marathon Maniac in my post earlier today (can anyone tell I'm out of school right now??), I might just be the coolest chick I know.

Now I have to start planning my 1,000 miles party!!!!! Any excuse to throw a party, right???

Have a great Wednesday!


Bryan said...

Congratulations on the upcoming 1000 mile mark! Don't worry about those pesky marshmallows, I will be sure to scrape them off of your serving!

jeff said...

w00t! that's a big deal, amy. uber congratulations!

Phil said...

I wish you the best reaching 1000 miles. That's a terrific milestone ... not many in the general population can say that they've run 1000 miles in a life time, let alone a year.

Good luck