November 10, 2007


What did I learn this week?

That I like to run with other people.

It totally makes me more motivated to run when I can run with other peeps and talk. It's just in my nature I guess. And don't post a comment that says me talking alot doesn't surprise you.

Tuesday I ran with UltraGirl (who, by the way, is running another marathon today.)

Friday I ran with Downtown D.

And today, I got to run a 10k with T-roi. Better yet, I got a PR running with T-roi today.

Today, I realized that although I love the benefits of running...being healthier, fitting in those jeans, feeling good about myself...what I love the most is running with other people. T-roi and I ran the 10k today at a modest pace. Enough for me to talk and talk and talk. And I had a great time! Not once did I feel like I was holding him back. It made me remember the good old days of running before everything got so competitive.

Running with T was great, but what made it perfect was to see my Mom and nephew at the finish line. It was my mom's first time watching us race and I was really glad she was there. My nephew just wanted to race around the park and let me chase him. He even announced that he wore his running shoes just so he could run! It was a blast and we got to eat at Cracker Barrell after, which always makes running worth it!

Oh, and I placed 1st for my age group. HELLO, I said FIRST! How cool is that???? Feel free to post any comments telling me how great you think I am. I can handle it. Oh, I should tell you that I was the only person in my age group, but that little fact doesn't really matter, right???

Anyway, I had a great running week and plan to do another *7* tomorrow morning...If I actually log 20+ miles this week, I might just have a party for myself!


jeff said...

woah, congrats on the pr and congrats on the hardware!

what's more exciting, though is hearing that your mom showed up. that's the best news of the day.

Tim said...

Way to go!

Kurt said...

Awesome job on the PR! Now your ready to run with me. I promise you another PR.

Phil said...

Congrats on your PR and age group first place. How cool is that!

Tom said...

Thrilled for you with your PR and first place finish.

You're so right about the benefits of running with others and what it can do for us. I think we overlook it sometimes when we're training and trying to squeeze in our runs. Thanks.

Firefly's Running said...

Congrads, Amy!

Amy said...
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