November 27, 2007

Treadmill Addiction

As if it weren't bad enough that I actually started to *like* running on the treadmill, I have now sucumb to doing actual "workouts" on the thing.

Today, I did hill repeats on the treadmill.

And before you act like I'm all crazy (because if you know where I live...well, my house sits atop a perfect hill for repeating on), you should look closely at that hill (and I'm sure you never have) because there is no shoulder. And no shoulder = me almost getting hit when I'm running up it anyway. So, I figured 6 repeats of this hill would surely make my odds of getting run over highly likely. And since today is not my day to go, I ran hill repeats on the treadmill.

I didn't know if it was actually possible to get a good workout on the treadmill...well, doing repeats anyway, so I did what every red-blooded American does when posed with a question: I Googled it. And to my surprise I found several sources that said it was perfectly okay for me to do hill repeats on treadmill, while watching Rachel Ray make a mess and shout "just a little EVOO in the pan" (for the record, she does get on my nerves).

This is what I did (so you don't have to Google it yourself):

I maintained my record breaking speed (of 5.5 mph) throughout the entire workout, even on my recovery, because that's what Google said to do.

0.5 mile at 0%
.2 mile at 4%, repeating twice with a .2 interval at 0% after each repeat
.2 mile at 5%, repeating twice with a .2 interval at 0% after each repeat
.2 mile at 6%, repeating twice with a .2 interval at 0% after each repeat
.1 mile cooldown at 0%

For a total of 3 miles. (btw, I chose .2 intervals because my treadmill only goes out one digit).

I really didn't feel like I got much of a workout which means either I need to be running faster, longer, or at more of an incline. Something to work on, and a reason to keep doing hill repeats on the treadmill while watching Oprah.

Alright, truth be told (not that I really have to tell the truth...because hello, this is MY blog), but if you really want to know why I like running on the treadmill so much's why...cue Carly Simon's "You're So Vain" and feast your eyes on what I get to look at the entire time I run (well, until tomorrow when the electrician comes to install the outlet for the flat screen tv that will surely take the place as my new viewing pleasure):

PS: In case you weren't following my mileage tracker this weekend, I just wanted to let you know that I clocked 16.5 miles in just two short days. That's more than I've run most weeks for the last year. Saturday Troy and I drove to Milledgeville the middle of no where to run a lap with a new running friend who was completing her first 50k, the The Bartram Forest 50k and 26.2 Miler, the smallest and most friendly race I have ever been to. We ran about 3 miles looking for her and then another 5.5 mile loop. And while I was there I totally got bit by the bug and plan to put the 50k race on my list of must-do's for next year! Congrats to Deb for coming in 2nd place female overall!!!!! What an inspiration! Sunday morning I got this insane idea to run another 8 at our local running clubs Sunday long run. If all goes according to plan I will run a little over 24 miles this week, including the Reindeer Run 5k this Saturday.

Have a great week!


Vanilla said...

I think we need an intervention to get you free from the bonds of the Treadmill. Treadmills are evil.

jeff said...

is that your place? that's a sweet workout room.

Steve said...
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