November 07, 2007


Running with other people is like a catch-22 for me.

On the one hand, I know I will get out there and actually get the mileage in if I'm supposed to be meeting someone else. On the other hand, I hate feeling like I'm slowing anyone else down. And generally, I feel like that with everyone I run with.

At any rate, last night I had the pleasure of running with someone totally new. I was excited because I had already committed to running 6 miles, or about an hour. I was also nervous because, although I hadn't met her in person, what I knew about her scared me. I knew that she runs marathons like I eat chocolate. And I knew that she was training for an ultra, that's just a few weeks away. I was hoping that my hour of running (and possibly stopping and walking) wasn't going to slow her down.

When I arrived I told her we could run at her comfortable pace because I knew she was running *another* marathon this weekend. Secretly, that was my way of not feeling like I was slowing her down....and to my surprise, her comfortable pace was my comfortable pace! And to make it even better, she suggested a few times that we take a 30 second or so walk break!

It got even better when I apologized to her for my chattiness (does it surprise anyone that I talk too much????) and she said "no, I'm glad you talk!" She doesn't intimidate me with her running speed, AND she lets me talk!?!?!?!! I thought, this could be new running best friend!

And to make things even better, she suggested that we start doing some speedwork together! I'm all about doing some speedwork, but reference ALL the posts about my lack of motivation and you will understand why I never seem to get speed work in!

And if the run wasn't good enough already, she totally didn't get grossed out by overuse of snot-rocket-blowing. I actually think she might have even been a little jealous of my projection technique!

The run was nice and relaxing and I really felt like I could run forever (as long she let me keep on talking!). It's been a while since I felt like that. It's been a while since I truly just enjoyed the experience of hearing my feet hit the pavement. And it's been a while since I just had fun running! Thanks Marathon Girl**!!!!!!

I'm looking forward to many runs with her in the future, and am even thinking about joining her for the Charlotte (half) marathon in December!

**Sorry, but everyone gets a nickname on my blog :)


Phil said...

Part of running with friends is the chance to talk your head off. You get started and the next thing you know, you've covered 6 miles.

Congrats. You've come such a long way over the past year.

jeff said...

snot rockets FOR THE WIN!

Lesley said...

I feel the same way about running with other people, so your post gives me hope. :)