November 23, 2007

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

Is there such a thing as wishing a "belated" Thanksgiving?

I had thought about posting something thankful a few days ago.

I never got around to it.

And then this morning I heard of some sad news about some dear friends.

It seems like there's a plague of bad news with my friends these past few days.

And I can't get any of them off of my mind.

As I ran on the treadmill this afternoon, I thought of how sad my friends must be. For those that are experiencing heart break...I just can't imagine how they will deal with it all. And I began to think about thankfulness.

And the fact that I never got around to that post about how truly thankful I am.

So here I am with my belated Thanksgiving post...and while it just doesn't feel right to be thankful about anything right now (actually, I would like to scream and cuss at the big man upstairs for causing my friends pain), I just can't help but think about how I take what I have for granted. These situations remind me that it can be taken away in an instant.

So, on the post-Thanksgiving day I am thankful for the following (in no particular order):
  • Troy, and the fact that everyday at 8pm he tickles me until I am about to pee in pants.
  • My brother for having the courage to quit smoking after almost 25 years.
  • My sister for giving birth to my nephew, because before him we didn't like each other.
  • My parents because who else can I thank for providing me this award-winning-Jessica-Simpson smile I possess? (and just so you know, I have been told several times that I resemble her when I smile)
  • My massage therapist for making that spot on my shoulder blade stop hurting
  • My friends. All of them. For varying degrees of putting up with me. And for varying degrees of courage that you guys possess.
  • My GG (grandmother) for always being there for me.
  • My bloggy peeps because without you guys this blog would cease to exist.

I'm sure there are more things that I'm thankful for (like a cold beer and good slice of Ingleside Village Pizza) but I'll just leave it on this note.

Today, I am truly thankful to have good friends in my life, especially the ones that are hurting right now (and you know who are). I just hope that during everything that you will go through I can be half the friend you are to me.


Tim said...

A very good message Amy - never too late to be grateful - all the best.

Jim said...

You're right . . . we all have things to be grateful for; unfortunately, most folks tend to forget.

I have no advice for you friends as far as pain and sadness go. There are no words of wisdom or secret path to enlightenment. Faith and the love of friends are the things that are needed most. Be sure to keep a check on them and don't let them slip through the cracks. Sometimes all people need is someone to listen. I'm sure you're a good enough friend to do that.

God bless.

Kurt said...

Nice post as always. Happy very belated T day to you my friend.

Anonymous said...
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