November 20, 2007

Elks Aidmore 5k

Saturday brought a couple of firsts.

1. I ran my first cross country race. Ever.

2. I ran it with my brother. Who I've never run with.

3. It was my brother's first race.

4. It was the first time my brother's run more than 2 miles in 15 years. And after 24 years of smoking.

5. It was the first time that I have ever gotten up early enough to drive an hour away, just to run.

But it was so worth it. I was a little nervous in the beginning because I had not realized (until it was too late) that I forged his signature on a race application for a cross country race. Since it was his first time, I was just crossing my fingers that it would be a "flat" cross country race. Okay, since it was my first time at cross country, I was hoping it would be flat too....boy did my hoping not work!

The race starts on a gradual decline which should have been a sign that at some point we will have to go back up. But, I was so worried that I was going to talk too much that I didn't give it much thought...until we rounded that first corner and saw IT. A huge, gravely hill....and there were more where that one came from. Luckily Bryan was smart enough to realize that he shouldn't wear himself out on the first two miles, because we did have to get to the finish, so after that first hill we began a pattern of running for 5 to 7 minutes and then walking 30 seconds to a minute. At some point I was behind my brother and noticed that his calves looked like they could handle all of these hills...and he agreed, telling me that his main problem was not being able to breath. I remember those days....and can't wait for those days when breathing is not a problem for him anymore!

We finished in a respectable time. We finished at about what I predicted...Troy predicted we'd finish 5 minutes faster, and Bryan, well, he predicted we'd come in last (and he was oh so wrong!) But, it was a great feeling to be out there with him. Seeing what he was doing to get his life back. I'm certain that before too long he'll be smokin' me on the trails just like Troy does, but for now, it was nice just to run next to him. I hope that it will be something that he continues to do for the rest of his life.

We've already made plans for our next race on December 1, The Reindeer Run and Santa Stroll!

On another front, if you're an Oprah fan, and you plan to watch her Favorite Things episode today, check out that town: it's where I live! She totally surprised the whole town by telling everyone that she was here to film a "small town" episode of her show...well, it turned out that because Macon has had the highest ratings for her show for every years she's been nationally televised, she wanted to say thanks to all those viewers by hosting her favorite things show here! I didn't get an Oprah sighting while she was here, but I did run by the bed and breakfast she stayed in on Friday morning. Of course Downtown D and I tried to determine by the cars that were parked there whether or not Oprah was there...we both decided that it didn't look like anyone famous was there....and we were so wrong! We ran by around 7am, and at 10am she came out on the lawn and greeted some of the locals! And then Downtown D did get an Oprah sighting while she was having lunch. Anyway, enough about that, but check it out!


Tim said...

Congrats on your first cross country trek! It sounds like you had a great time.

Hope you and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Tim said...
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Anne said...

Glad you enjoyed your first foray into cross country. The single track "flow" can unnerve you, but you seemed to have a great time.

Cool about Oprah coming to town too.

anne said...
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