October 30, 2007


Okay, so I know it's a little early to be recapping my running year, but hey, they ALREADY have Christmas decorations out in Target (by the way, did someone forget to remind them that we have to pass by Thanksgiving before we get to Christmas, or have Turkey Celebration Day decorations been outlawed, like holiday sweaters should?)

At any rate, I was logging the lovely 3 miles that I ran today at Breaking The Tape when I noticed that I've run more than 800 miles in my short running career. Considering injuries, conflicting school schedules, and just general disregard for running lately, I thought that was pretty darn good :) And then I consulted my new and improved running schedule and noticed that IF I run everything that's on my schedule from now until December 31, I should break 1,000 total miles for every running in my whole life. Ever. And actually it would be roughly 1031.29 miles (roughly because there's a couple of races thrown in there and I just rounded off the mileage for those).

Anyway that totally rocks. Especially considering that would put my yearly mileage at roughly 532.47, which means that I've run more this year than I did in 2006 and 2005 combined (my official running career began on October 19, 2005). Actually, it will be 15.65 (roughly) miles more than I did in '05 and '06. Which makes me feel good because I totally thought I pooped out this year. I mean, cause I did run a marathon last year, and all. But, it seems that I was just being too hard on myself! Imagine being hard on myself????

Speaking of being hard on myself: I had a total mental melt down last week. It was pretty silent and I just basically walked around with pursed lips and a screeching headache. Between surgery and worrying about surgery results, I totally didn't study for a test. I really needed to do better on this test, since on the last one I barely scrapped up a B (and I did study for that one). And with that kind of experience behind me, I figured I would be lucky to get a 50. Actually, I figured, on test day, that I got a 65. I took the test, but did not feel like I did great on it. So, I was kindof having this whole "why can't I make A's" and "why do I care so much if I make a B" meltdown thing going on. And I figured with an F on the test, I'd actually have to try to make a B in the class. Not a good feeling when you have no alternative but to make a B (I'd have to pay my tuition back to my employer if I make less than a B). With that being said, I got all crazy and emailed my professor. I explained the situation and that I knew I did horrible but if he could be so kind to email me my grade rather than making me wait an entire week, everyone would walk away unharmed. And he must have been worried because he sent me the grade. And it was a freakin' 88.

So what did I learn from this lesson? That when I DON'T study until the last minute, I do better than when I go in prepared. Which brings me to today. I have a paper due tomorrow (in the same class) and I've written about 1/3 of it. And I'll finish the rest tomorrow. Because if the above theory holds true (I do better when I do less), then I'll ace the paper.

Have a great evening.


Bryan said...

Congratulations on the test and the running. I don't think I ever got close to an 88, and as for the running, so far I'm almost at the 6 mile mark YTD.

P.O.M. said...

Isn't it exciting to see your miles pile up? I just started logging mine last month but I wish i started earlier.

Kurt said...

Way to go on the running! I am having a down year for me on mileage but getting back into it.

I will be back to planning on the wedding crashing soon. How do you feel about sheep there?

Amy said...

Huh??? Sheep???

Oh, I meant to tell you that we've changed the location of the ceremony from the church we go to, to a local (beautiful) park, just in case you want to show up at the wedding too....

Firefly's Running said...

Nice job on the getting miles in. I would be happy with the B for the test. It's better than a C.

Anonymous said...

That is some serious miles for the year, and the lifetime totals! That's awesome.

And way to go on the test score. I'm glad your prof sent you grade and didn't make you wait all week!