October 22, 2007

Weekend Recap

Wow...what a weekend! I haven't had that much stuff crammed into a couple of days in a very long time. And I hope to not have that much stuff crammed into a couple of days ever again.

My running went well last week. I didn't get the mileage in that I wanted to but I've just given up on trying to do everything. I've now realized that some stuff will have to be sacrificed. Last week it was running, this week it might be taking a shower or going to work. Okay, so that won't happen but it sounded better than saying something truthful, like studying.

I felt all rock-star last week running with my bandage on. Then someone reminded me (thanks Nicki) that it could get infected like that (from my sweat and all). From that day on, my stitches have hurt, but I am certain that it's all in my head because they really do look fabulous. I go back tomorrow to have them taken out and I can't freakin' wait. OH, and the biopsy came back clean as a whistle! Good news everywhere :)

Saturday my brother came into town with 2 rugrats. They came and watched Troy and I run the Komen Race for the Cure. Actually, they got there later than expected so they actually watched us stand around and drink water, but I was glad they were there anyway. It's always nice to know that someone is there to cheer you on (or to find out who's or Troy). The race went better than expected. Friday night we had a few beers and fried fish (something neither one of us eat very often), so Saturday morning we were a little sluggish and decided to forgoe the timing chips and just run to run. No pressure with time, just two peeps hangin' out. Actually, we gabbed the whole time (mostly about a dear friends' know who you are) analyzing the said email and deciding what I should say back (or not say...sometimes I say too much!). We ended up finishing in 27:20 with me taking a nice walk break on that uphill at mile 2. I didn't care because I wasn't wearing a timing chip!

After the race we had our standard Cracker Barrell oatmeal and blueberry muffin (actually Troy switched up for pancakes this time) and then I headed to my parents to retrieve a couple of rugrats (the one's who know how to behave in school and therefore get to do fun things with their favorite Aunt Amy) and my brother (who also knows how to behave). We went to Monkey Joes. It was my first time, and I was really saddened that I hadn't of thought of that business plan first! My brother and I had a nice time ignoring the kids while they ran around like....well, like Monkey's....and talked guessed it...running. You would think at this point in my life I'd have something more interesting to talk about....but I don't. And my brother is going to be a super-star runner (he's making his comeback) soon so it was nice to determine how long it will take him before he starts beating me.

After Monkey Joes, we went to a jazz festival, and then to our local track club's, potluck dinner. It was nice to sit around and chat some more about running, and I really would have thought by this time I'd have run out of things to say...but then I remembered, that I'm talking about myself....and that I DO have a big mouth.

OH, I forgot the most important part of this post! I took the very first 3 mile run on the treadmill on Friday. It was so nice to be in the comfort of home running to my favorite tunes, and singing my heart out...because really, who was going to hear me??? I got the first 1.6 miles in and decided to crank up the speed...this treadmill rolls motivational lines across the screen..."You can do it" "You're doing great, keep up the good work" "Believe in yourself" "Stay focused and positive" got me so jazzed up that I cranked the speed up and...BANG....I accidently hit the little emergency stop button. And in case you're wondering. It works. Stopped on a freakin' dime. All my worries about being shot out of the back of the treadmill were suddenly replaced with fears of being catapulted over the front end and into the sheet rock. How was I going to explain that???? And since the treadmills new, and neither I nor Troy have bothered reading instructions for use, I had no idea how to retrieve my time and distance. Dangit. I had to start over. I remembered I was at 1.6 miles, so I figured I would just go another 1.4 and call it a day. Until I got to .6 miles and decided to replay Aretha Franklin's RESPECT, and did it AGAIN! By that point I was so angry with myself that I just started running until I didn't feel like doing it anymore. I have no idea how far I ran but I'm certain that I got in at least 3 miles. I told Troy we're going to have to fix that emergency stop button, like put some tape over it or something.....

Tomorrow morning calls for an early AM run on the treadmill and then stitches out at 8!!!! I can't wait.

If you get a chance go over and visit Miss Petite America and her new status as a marathoner....she hasn't posted her post-race report yet (I'm sure she's still recovering)...and just in case you're wondering, I checked out her bib number time before posting this...not that a DNF was evah in her future :) Good job girl!

There are so many 1st timers coming up soon! I can't wait to hear the reports coming in over the next few weeks!

Have a great week!


miss petite america said...

ack! you rock! thanks for the shout out! my race recap is up!!!

thanks so much for your generous support throughout!!!!

Sarah said...

I do that to myself at the gym all the time! I get so grumpy if I didn't happen to notice how far I went before I hit it. I must flail around too much or something. That and the button is right in the middle of the grab bar.