October 02, 2007


Sadly, I have written this post 3 times.

Once, I even hit "Publish Post". Then my dad called and told me how funny he thought my Velcro post was and I suddenly remembered that my dad reads this blog.

**brakes going off in my head** as I rush back to blogger and take down that post.

I wish I could give you a blow by blow account of the bachelorette party that lasted ALL WEEKEND LONG. Unfortunately I am constantly reminded that this is a PG blog.

So, I'll just leave my recap with a few quotes that were directly uttered from my sweet and innocent lips, on more than one occassion, in no particular order. You can decide for yourself how the conversation got there, or what I was really talking about. And think: this wasn't even my bachelorette party....

1. I'm gonna shake what my mama gave me.
2. Look! It's Roller Derby Queens!
3. I have 5 deal breakers in a relationship. One of which is having a hairy butt.
4. It was a shame to watch $75 worth of food be flushed down the toilet
5. They are real. I promise.
6. I'm sleeping with Sandra because I can't get her pregnant.
7. I have to go to the bathroom.

Maybe, if you're lucky, I'll post some pictures.

I HAVEN'T RUN IN A WEEK. Vacation does that to me. I did meet a cool chica at the party who is a runner extradoinare. She travels all over the place to run and got up every morning, hangover or not, to get in some miles. She was my hero on this trip.

I'm planning on running 3 or 6 miles. I haven't decided. I need to run 6 between today and tomorrow but if I get them all out of the way today then I won't have to run before class tomorrow. We'll see how much I hate myself for not running IN A WEEK when I get out there. And I'll give you a timely update on whether I wussed out or not.

I am running a half marathon in 18 days. I can't remember the last time I ran more than 5 miles. It ought to be quite entertaining!

Have a great day!


Laurie said...

Sounds like you had a GREAT weekend! I bet you are a riot when you are intoxicated, even more so than normal ;)

Anne said...

I figured a few of these out but I'm still scratching my head on Sandra, since it implies she and only she is impregnable. Hmmmmmm.

Amy said...

Sandra is already pregnant, therefore it was my weekend joke (since she and I shared a bed) that I promised I wouldn't get her pregnant....after typing this I'm starting to question my sense of humor....