October 16, 2007


Yes, you guessed it!!!!! It's a 2 for 1 blog day!!!!! For the low, low price of FREE, you get to read 2 blog posts in one!!!! Lucky, lucky you!


Okay, so ever might be stretching it...but today, I ran 3 miles on some turf I hadn't visited in a while. I gave myself one rule: Finish the run. Other than that, I was totally free to run as slow as I wanted, free to walk when I felt like it, and free to sing along with my music while I was running (which, coincidentally, makes me run slower).

I finished.

Not that that was going to be a problem. But, I did get back to that point...that time that I remember...when running wasn't so much of a chore, but just something I did to wind down the day, feel better, and know that I was going to sleep like a baby. I like those runs. Those are the ones that keep me coming back. I should probably mention (briefly) that I also have 7 stiches in my arm too. So, that makes me not only be a super-star runner girl, but also one that rocks it pain, and all. Okay, so maybe they aren't so painful (who would have thought? maybe I AM tougher than I thought?). But, I have them (and in case you're wondering: I had a small place removed from my arm that i'm not really sure what it is. right now they're calling it something that I can neither pronounce, nor spell. in 10 days i'll find out if it's all gone...and by the length of my stiches [all seven of them], I think they had to have gotten it all). But, back to my run. It was just glorious. And I don't often use that word. I just DID what I WANTED to. I had no expectations, no preconcieved notions of being anything but a girl who just pounded out 3 miles.

And guess what: I really did rock it at 28:13, which (if you've been paying attention) is way faster than I've been running lately. Oh, wait. I haven't been running that much lately. Oh, and I did walk for a minute at the 1 and 2 mile points. And I still managed less than a 9:30 pace. What's up with that?

I guess I just rock. That's what's up.


Today I volunteered at the Houston County Championships. Actually, I got asked to volunteer, which means that I must do a really really good job at making it look like I'm doing more than cheering runners on while I'm there. I wasn't sure what I volunteered to do (and actually, as I'm sitting here writing this, I'm still not sure what I volunteered to do). At any rate, once again I had way more fun than they did. I love watching these kids. They just totally rock. And I hope they know it. From those kids busting out 18 minutes 5ks (or faster) to the kid rocking it out at my favorite 5k time (26 minutes)...they all just totally rock. I am just amazed at what they must have to put into it to get that fast. And what they must have to give up. How do they manage raging hormones and making sure they get in enough the very same time? How do they get homework done while having a late meet on a school night? How do they stay hydrated all day when they are only allowed a certain number of potty breaks during the day? How do they do it all???? I just love to see the look on their faces as they pass their rivals, as they get cheered on by their teammates, as they come down the chute looking like they might puke at any moment (on me?!?!?!). I just love every single minute of it. AND I'M NOT EVEN A PARENT OF ANY OF THESE KIDS (or any kids for that matter). I couldn't possibly imagine how I would feel if I was one of these kids parents.

I guess I would feel Proud.

Have a great rest of the week!


Vanilla said...

It's those good runs that keep you coming back for more. Great Job, you do rock.

miss petite america said...

great to hear your spirits are up!!!

even despite having a pound of flesh taken from your arm. owiee!

Anne said...

OK, Amy, explain why listening to music makes you run slower? Is it the tempo? Concentrating on the song instead of your pace? I ask because I think I do the same thing and can't for the life of me figure out why. As such, I only use music on Sunday long runs (well, back when I did long runs).

And cheers for volunteering. It's so much easier on the body and especially good for the heart!

WannaBe5Ker said...

WTG on such a great run, wow! I have also found that when I give myself permission to "just finish" that sometimes it is a special, superfast run.

I hear you on the HS runners! The kid who won our local 5K yesterday did it in 17 minutes(!) and is in HS. Amazing.

WannaBe5Ker said...

Oh, and forgot about the arm thing you endured! You had that great run while in pain, wow, you are a rock star!