October 10, 2007


For my birthday this year, Troy gave me an iPod. On the back he had my name and contact number engraved in case it gets lost (actually it's my soon-to-be-name, and his business number). At any rate, he also had engraved right above that:

"I run so I can blog."

And until today, I had forgotten about that.

Not about my iPod. [Oh no, I LOVE that thing. (and to think I was one of those people who was "just fine with me $49 Target mp3 player).]

Stay on track.....

Until today I had forgotten what a joy it is to have a good run to post about.

Because until today, it's been a lllllllllllllooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg time since I've had a run worth talking about.

Today's run was sortof monumentous. Not that I ran 100 miles or anything. Nope. Just 3. But I did a couple of things on today's run that I've never ever ever done before.

First, I ran right after work. Okay, I do that. Alot. Especially when the weather is as beautiful as it's getting around here. But, I've never run right after work AND right before class. I guess I had this whole thing about not being stinky as I crammed in next to 20 of my closest (school) friends. I guess I just didn't want them to see me at my finest....sweat dripping, mascara smeared, red cheeks, salt lines where my butt's been sweating (sorry Dad). And today, as I entered class with my running tee on (I did decide to be kind enough to change out of my sweaty gear and into a running tee and some salt-less shorts...oh, by the way, now I know how I can get more use out of all those race shirts!), I realized that I really didn't give a crap what anyone in my class thought I looked like. And I also realized that I wasn't going to get sleepy through this class BECAUSE I HAD ENERGY. What a novel idea???? Why didn't I think of this long ago??? If I go out and run, I won't be so dang sleepy. Who would have thought????

Second, craptastic thing that I did today....let me preface it with a little history of me and the treadmill. I hate the treadmill. It equally hates me back. Seriously, we have this a total hate-hate relationship with each other. It thinks I should suck up the heat/wind/rain/etc and get outside, and I think it should just shut up. So, when I run on the treadmill I ALWAYS (major emphasis on ALWAYS) stop at each mile and walk for a minute. I guess I have this whole I'm-gonna-get-going-and-forget-to-keep-moving-my-legs-and-shoot-right-off-this-thing thing. Today was to be no different. Until I got in there. And saw all the other peeps walking on the treadmill...and walking...and walking...and walking (not that there is anything wrong with walking, but this is a runner story). So, I started running. And shortly a mile came. And I really didn't want to stop. I wanted to be that one girl. You know...the one who is just running and running and running. So, I told myself that I'd run to 1.25 miles and then stop. By that time all the walkers would be gone and it'd be no big deal. Well...1.25 and they're still there. So, I upped the speed (I have no idea totally went against my logic, but I did it anyway). So, upped speed and I thought, just to 1.5 mile and then I'll walk because I'll have pushed it and did it (and oh, the walkers should be gone by that time). Switch back to TV mode and just running and running and thinking "this really isn't so bad and I should stop wussing out after a mile because this really isn't so bad". Oh, time to check mileage. What?? 1.69 miles?? How did I get so far (shut up) without wanting to stop??? Well, I might as well just run to 2 miles and then I will totally deserve a walk. And run on I went. Thinking, "man I am totally rocking this treadmill thing". 2 miles came and I wasn't the least bit wobbly or feeling like my back end might shoot right into the eliptical behind me, so what did I do? Kept on running? Yep. And upped the speed again. I think I was crazy at this point because I was running at 7.5 (which is fast for me so shut up) and I did it for a whole nother mile. To make it my first 3 miles ever without stopping and at 7.5.

How cool is that for a day?


Anonymous said...

Yay-you said "craptastic"!!!

and I did read your whole is sort of eery how you and I are a lot a like with regards to the treadmill!
Rock on!

WannaBe5Ker said...

Now that is a super run.

I loathe the treadmill. I feel like I work WAY harder than going outside and I get half as far. My treadmill hates me, too. What's up with that.

Way to conquer the beast!