October 08, 2007


Pardon me while I talk about a gastrointestinal problem that I have been having.

There, now I've weeded out all of the folks who don't read this blog for the "running" aspect of it.

It seems since I came back from the beach that I've been having a stomach ache. All the time. When I don't eat. When I eat. When I eat slow. When I eat fast. I'm a Dr. Seuss story waiting to happen.

Last night I figured that maybe I'm just eating too much (which wouldn't explain the ache when I don't eat, but I'm trying to solve one problem at a time). Today I skipped breakfast in hopes that maybe just eating a good lunch would feel okay.

And then 2 hours later I decided to go for a run.

Well, it turned out to be one of those Everytime I got moving, I could feel my stomach churning around (it grosses me out to even think about it). Walking seemed to help. But then I started to think what if my body suddenly attacks me and I have no where to go. So I started running again, in hopes that if my body decided to rebel against me (from one end or the other) that at least I'd be at home. And then that churning thing would start again. It seemed like a vicious cycle that seemed to last an hour (but was actually only about 30 minutes).

I'm a pretty good eater. Lots of raw foods, whole grains, little fat, no sodas, etc, etc, etc. When I was at the beach it was a basic free-for-all and I just attributed my stomach ache to that but now it's been more than a week and I'm still not better.

And it's affecting my running.

Which is worse than my body rebelling against me in the middle of a public place.

Troy suggested that I see a doctor, but I was hoping to maybe get some internet diagnosis first...maybe try that whole 6 small meals a day thing...or anything else that might be suggested.

I am posting about this because I am certain that someone out there can help me.

I just want my normal body back :)


Bryan said...

I know what your problem is! As you stated, "I'm a pretty good eater. Lots of raw foods, whole grains, little fat, no sodas, etc, etc, etc". But at the beach it was a free for all! And your body liked it! Now it's saying "Give me some more of that good stuff. To hell with all the vegetables, I want a double cheeseburger with a side order of trans fat soaked fries!" Go get some McDonald's and you will feel better.

miss petite america said...

you're pregnant.

Anne said...

The last time my stomach hurt all the time, I ended up having an ulcer.

Troy Tarpley said...

Miss Petite,

I'd like a second, third and fourth opinion. Besides, unless she's been fooling around on me, it would have to be an immaculate conception.

stephanie said...

there's a nasty stomach bug that's been going around town - maybe you just have a touch enough of it that it's bothering you.

Sandra, the pregnant one said...

Amy - I think your gastrointestinal problem is probably related to my rubbing my wart on you.

Troy - I say pregnant too! Only it's not mine, so it's got to be yours!