October 13, 2007


I often post about how much I hate the treadmill. Sometimes I have a good day (see 3 days ago) and it decides to be my friend.

Well, I am now establishing a life-long friendship with the treadmill.

Because my dear fiance, on a whim, bought a treadmill for us yesterday. And he's picking it up today. (okay, so whim is actually exaggerating....I told him he needed to start prepping for anniversary gift buying so he needed to purchase me something for our 1 year pre-anniversary. And so he bought me a treadmill. And yes, I am the only woman on the face of this earth that wonn't get offended by purchases like that.)

And really, it's not just my treadmill. I'm going to have to share. And really, I didn't make him buy me a pre-anniversary gift. It just made the story better.

I can't freakin wait til it gets here.

Have a great weekend.


Amy said...

Enjoy your treadmill! About 8 years ago I bought one because I thought one of my own would make me love it more. It worked for my husband, but dreadmill and me still have a love/hate relationship.

WannaBe5Ker said...

LOLOL, pre-anniversary gift...

Enjoy it, and let me know the secret (if you find it) of weighting the love/hate relationship with the dreadmill more towards the "love" side...

Firefly's Running said...

Enjoy the treadmill. It will really come in handy for those days that you don't want to go outside and run.

Troy Tarpley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Troy Tarpley said...

Really, we just needed more closet space and a treadmill was cheaper than hiring a contractor to come in and extend the roof line.

That was my deleted comment above. I re-read the comment above and had two misspelled words. They were two most complex words in the sentence, so it was excusable, but I thought I should correct it nonetheless.

Jim said...

Treadmill? You guys are sounding WAY TOO domestic. What is wrong with the great outdoors? Besides, think of the energy consumption of running that 1/2 hp motor for hours and hours and hours. Be green . . . run outside!

As T said . . . that is a very expensive clothes hanger :)

Hope you guys have a great week. Also, I could use some advice on the couple front when you get time.

Troy Tarpley said...


Amy is the one that makes our relationship work so well, so I'm sure she can give you some great advice.

The treadmill is actually 2.5 hp., but we are thinking of buying a bunch of carbon credits on eBay and running by the light of a 25 watt bulb to help offset any increase. When you factor in our helping keep medical cost down by eating well and exercising, helping to keep our roads and landfills less clutered by maintaining cars with over 200K on them and only washing our workout clothes every four times we wear them, I hope Al Gore would be pleased.