October 02, 2007


On this day, so many years ago (he would kill me if I put a number in there), someone very special was born.

On this day, so many years ago Angelina DeAngelo said enough was enough (I don't know that she really said that, but I'm guessing after, what?, 10 kids she probably said something like that).

On this day, so many years ago my most favorite guy in the whole world was somewhere in Massachusetts screaming his head off and wishing that people weren't spanking his behind (by the way, I'm taking total literary license on this story).

On this day, so many years ago sisters were already planning on how they were going to dress this baby boy up like a little girl (and I didn't make that part up).

On this day, so many years ago my existence was determined (because, well, without his help, I wouldn't be here).

On this day, so many years ago my Dad was born.

So on this day, I want to tell everyone who's reading this (including him) how very thankful I am to have him as my Dad and how very lucky I am to have grown up with a loving and caring Dad. He is the kind of Dad that always came back from long trips with something special he had picked out for each one of us. He is the kind of Dad that always thinks that whatever you've done is the greatest thing since sliced bread. He is the kind of Dad that brags all over the neighborhood when you something good happens to you. He is the kind of Dad that it probably hurt him more than it hurt us to get spanked. He really is truly the greatest Dad (so sorry to my brother).


By the way, I do have great Mom too but it's not her birthday :)

P.S. Dad, if you want to post a comment, go to the bottom of this post where it says "comments" and click on it, then type what you want in the Leave a Comment box (sign your name at the bottom so I know it's you and not some weirdo). Then put the letters that you see in the Word Verification box, then click Anonymous on the Choose an Identity box. Then click on Publish Your Comment. Or call Bryan and he can walk you through it (haha...just kidding!)


jeff said...

don't forget that without velcro, the comments won't stick to the blog.

Troy Tarpley said...

Happy Birthday to a great man. You helped do a great job with your kids, especially the one I'm lucky to be with. Not that I wouldn't be lucky to be with Brian, but he's not my type. See you Thursday evening.

Bryan said...


That hurts!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet post! Your dad is lucky to have you, too.

Amy said...

No, the way I see it (no pun intended eyegirl!) is I am lucky to have him as my Dad :)

Firefly's Running said...

Great post, Amy!