October 11, 2007


Before you get all in a tizzy, yes I do track things on my blog. And yes, you can't see where or why you are being tracked. It's my blog and I can be as sneaky as those internet interpol will let me.

With that being said, I hadn't visited my tracker in some time, so I thought today (after my 3 mile run. yeah me.) was a perfect time to cool down and get a good laugh or ten.

Let's start with this little tid-bit:

Did you know that almost 20% of my blog is found and hit by googling the words "Kinetix Macon GA" or some other variation of it (I can't believe how many people spell it wrong and still find my blog!). And even after I changed the title of that post it's still the number 2 hit when you google said gym. Actually, Amy's Running Life comes in a mere second with only 13% of the hits.

"I hate studying" actually brought two hits and matching clicks. Did I ever say that????

My favorite (or one of the TOP favorites) is "poor brittany". Really? Someone actually googled that and found my blog??? Really???? I actually had quite a few Brit Hits including "Matt Lauer interview with Brittany" and "Crying Brittany Fan" and "Brittany Spears Crying with Matt Lauer" and "brittany spears kid's teeth" (WTF???) and my all time Brit Fav: "What Brittney Spears was saying while her microphone was turned down". Again, REALLY? That got you to my blog???? Well, in case you wondering she said "I wish I could dance like that Amy Running chick. Or at least run as fast as she does. She's so hot". Now really, that was what she was saying.

I got a "Troy Tarpley" which is quite humorous because he just happens to be the MAN THAT I'M GOING TO MARRY IN EXACTLY ONE YEAR (so whoever you are googling his name: he's mine. back off.)

And I got some musical hits including a "Barry White" hit which makes me feel really really cool and a "Life Avril" which was probably my boyfriend (fiance) looking for more Avril pics.

And a "birthday gift "2 months" boyfriend "B&B""...since you came to my blog, I'll tell you what not to get him. An evening at a B&B because hello, you've only known him for 2 whole months!

So many hits about leg casts that I'm not even feeling good enough to talk about it.

And my favorite favorite favorite because it totally sums up my life "nerd runners"...note the "s" on the end of runners. I'm guessing that whoever googled that thinks that there must be more than one of me.

On the country tracking front I've had more than one hit from Hong Kong, Portugal, and Chile. Three places that I've never been to, but apparantely my blog has made it big. Or big enough to get more than one hit. My blog has spent an equal amount of time in Turkey, Indonesia (for some reason I just imagined a country without the internet), Bulgaria, Lithuania, Singapore, and Italy. All places that my real body might just want to visit someday.

And finally, on average I rank 717. I have no idea what that means, but I guess I have along way to go to get any hardware for my ranking status.

So there you have it. Maybe I'll update this report in a few months and see what new and exciting Brittany fans have been up to...

I did run 3 miles today and feel like if I can just stay motivated until 4:00 I'm going to get this running all the time thing back sooner than I had hoped. Cross your fingers that tomorrow will be a beautiful 5 miler.

Have a great Thursday!


Firefly's Running said...

Awesome post, Amy!

Bryan said...

Sorry Amy. The nerd runners was me. I couldn't remember your blog's name but I knew that would pull it up (ha ha). Next time I'll try the Brittany route. I track my web site as well, and because I sell "Leather Bound" wedding albums there are some real freaks that find my site!

Anne said...

Gosh, I hope none of those Britney queries can be linked to my IP address! Just kidding, though I admit that when you posted about her last year I had a good laugh. Such a great sense of humor, have you.

WannaBe5Ker said...

Way interesting!