September 19, 2007


WARNING: This post might go absolutely no where.

I probably shouldn't say this. Not because I don't really really want to. Or maybe because I really really want to. So here goes.

I don't have to go back to work until Monday.

Don't ask me why because this is the public internet and I won't tell you. That's why. But I'm not in trouble and that's all that really matters.

So, here I am. With 4 (did I count that right?) whole days off. And I wasn't planning on any.

Am I excited? I guess. I mean, anyday not at work is a good day for me (you too...don't deny it). But, I'm sorta lost. I've got this whole laundry list of things I COULD do running around in my head (with laundry being right up there on the top). Laurie, don't get mad at me for having this conversation *again*. I'm OCD on top of being anal...I totally blame it on my mom (how do you like that Dad???). But really. I've got all this stuff either I could do, I should do, or I want to do.

And I'm totally leaning towards the "want to do" part of the list.

It dawned me tonight as I was coming home from class (aceing my first organizational behavior test, mind you...right). It dawned on me that I could do ANYTHING I WANT TO. I felt like going to have a beer and celebrate the fact that I have finally realized that. But, when I called Troy he was hard at work moving stuff to his new storage building (or "man out house" as I'm going to call it). So, I didn't want to break his concentration with the temptation of a 420 (that's a beer) and a slice of pizza.

So, I came home to blog.

And think about what might happen over the next 4 days.

Or, what might not happen.

Here are some things I know will happen: I will run a 5k on Saturday. I will finish the beer I'm drinking. I will go to church on Sunday. (should I follow a sentence about beer, with a sentence about church?). I will sleep. And shower. And brush my teeth. I will probably do some laundry, only because I will need clean running shorts for my race.

Other than that, it's a free-for-all.

What would I like to do? Take my nephew to a movie (or something fun). Run my race and break 26 minutes (wishful thinking, but at least I'm thinking, right?). Buy a new wreath (or something fall-ish) for the front door. Read the latest issue of Fortune (I'm a nerd), Cooking Light (who wants to eat?), and Runners World (you get the point). Sleep in.

That's it.

Oh, I'm gonna catch up on my favorite blogs.

And then, that's it.

I'll let you know how the week (I started to say "weekend" and then realized that it's almost like a whole week off) goes.

And I should mention...only because I'm being a snob...but I only work 3 days next week because I'm going to the beach. With 10 or so other girls. For a bachelorette (how come this is coming up in spell check?) party. Not mine. I can't wait.


Laurie said...

Ha! You are too funny. I am jealous you have so much time off.

Just so you know, I never get *mad* at you for being yourself. And this time, I am actually thankful you're being yourself because you reminded me to do laundry! It is on my list of things to do but I rarely look at my list once I get home. Oops.

Anonymous said...

are you sure you are coding 420 as beer...that's not what I understand it to mean...wink, wink

Have a fabulous rest of the week. I am way jealous!!

Come on over to the 'Ham and celebrate my b'day with me!!!