September 20, 2007


That title will certainly get my dad's attention!

Let me tell you a little story. It's short. I promise.

My dad loves velcro. Really. If it can be velcroed down, he will do it. Mini-notebooks in the car. Pens. GPS systems. Any electrical cord (no matter how short) gets wrapped up in a velcro-tie-thing. Keys. Things that would stay stable on a flat surface AND ARE ON A FLAT SURFACE like calculators get some velcro love. I'm sure my brother, after reading this post, will have a lengthy comment about all the things velcroed that I've forgotten. We even have given him rolls and rolls of the stuff for birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah (okay I made that one up).

So, (here's the embarrassing part that I mentioned in the previous post) I was totally surprised and amazed when today when I purchased, not one, but two new running bras that guessed it...velcro on them. Moving Comfort is their name. I've never tried (or even heard of them) before. But they're getting a trial run (no pun intended) sometime this weekend. And, they were actually comfortable and STABLE. Something that is not often found in the running bra section.

By the way, the velcro is the crazy strap thing so that you can make it shorter for people who have shorter shoulders...what a novel idea! I'll let you know how they work out.

In other running related duds, I purchased several pairs of shorts from Academy Sports. I think the brand must be their name brand (BCG???) but they were both totally comfortable (more comfortable than the Nike shorts I had tried on earlier). One pair has little boy shorts in them rather than full-fledged underwear (I can see my dad's face getting red now...), and the other pair is this really really soft mesh, but moisture wicking too. And they were half the price of the other brands. We'll see how they work out in a run, but I'm thinking I might be on to something!!!!

Have a great weekend, and check out my post below. I had a revelation today. And yes, that is my cheap attempt at a personal plug.


Bryan said...

You left out my "favorite" velcro item! The digital clock velcroed to the guessed it...right under the digital clock that came in the car!

Sorry Dad!

jeff said...

smsmh wears moving comfort and loves them. she's tried so many running bras and she likes those best. hope they work well!

velcro, eh? my dad was a solder dood. he soldered everything he could. i love geeky dads.