September 23, 2007


Yesterday was one of T-roi's nephews birthday party. He was 9....oh, how I'd love to go back to 9...and start all over. At any rate, he had it at the skating rink. Now the last time one of those rugrats had a skating party I was in a full leg cast, and well, wasn't able to skate (for obvious reasons). So, this time I came prepared to skate what my mama gave me. Okay that was dumb, but you get the hint.

We opted for the nerdy, free skates (haven't you been reading my blog to Financial Freedom???) while all the kids had on roller blades. So, among other things, we totally started off the skate looking like parents (have you ever heard me mention my non-existent kids???) The guy actually did give me a choice between the sexy brown leather skates or the NEW AND IMPROVED turquoise plastic skates. I opted for the plastic skates (but in hindsight should have gone with the leather ones)...[note to self: in order to skate like a champion, your ankles need to be able to move...hard, rigid plastic around your ankles makes them able to do anything but move].

Now, a few things that I forgot, or failed to pay attention to during my hey-day as a skating diva. One, who knew that the skating rink could be so filthy? Everytime I touched something my body screamed out for Purell. Speaking of which, who DOESN'T put sinks in the bathrooms?? I guess that's a good way to determine who really does or doesn't wash their hands after leaving the bathroom, but personally I liked it better when I left the bathroom thinking that everyone behind me washed their hands just as diligently as I did. Third, did you ever wonder when they spray disinfectant in the skates? Well, let me answer that. NEVER. At least the people at the bowling alley make a half-hearted attempt at spraying something in the shoes. And finally, being out on the rink, with T-roi by my side made me totally want to go find a corner and make out with him. Okay, for a sec. Until I remembered that his ENTIRE immediate family was there. What a lasting impression that would have made.

At any rate, we got out there and did it. And I looked like this:

Okay, so maybe I really looked like this:

(the whole "not moving" part):

And T-roi...well, since he can get down (do people still say that?) with the best of them, he roller skated like he had been doing it for years. And it secretly made me wonder if that's what he really does during the day...practice his roller disco skills. I even think I found a picture of him practicing:

During the last five minutes they had the races. And since my whole competition bug hasn't fully left the building, I was ready to race. When it came to the 16 and over age category, no one would go. I tried to talk T into getting out there and he just looked at me like I was crazy (but did it anyway, because that's what a good fiance does). Soon after several other "over 16 year olds" got out there. And the dj kept calling us "PARENTS". I really wanted to turn around and scream at her "how come you are making such a generalization??? Just because we are OLD enough to have some of these buggers eaters, doesn't mean we have any! Besides, how do you even know that I'm old enough?? I could be 17 (which yes, I know technically makes me old enough but this is my story)."

At any rate, I lost. And the only reason I did was because I was so ticked off at that dj (and how come I didn't come up with that excuse anytime before 5 minutes ago???). That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

At any rate, the whole skating thing totally kicked my butt. My shins haven't hurt like that since I started running and I was sweating bullets after just a few minutes on the rink. I highly suggest it as an alternate cross-training activity for all you who are "16 and older".

As we were walking out, some little boy who must have been all of 10 years old said in his most polite Southern accent "ma'am, they have adult skate on Sunday afternoon."

He'll be back in his roller blades in 6 to 8 weeks.

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