September 05, 2007


As I sit here on the couch, with tissue on one side and hand sanitizer on the other, I am slowly realizing that the itchy throat/red eyes/coughing/sneezing/ear ache that began on Sunday night is not allergies, but a full-blown cold.


But I ran through most it!

So, as I sit here *blowing my nose* I am still happy that I am way more capable of doing things than I give myself credit for.

Oh, one other thing: remember last week when I discovered where the music videos went? Well, being home sick, I have found the rest of them. Both MTV and VH1 have had videos on for the last 2 hours :) That was very sneaky of them to try and hide them while all of us who appreciate the music video are at work!

Have a great day and don't get too close to me...I might be contagious. Yuck!

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