September 19, 2007


Cue the Willie Nelson Music

This morning while I was in the shower, i was thinking about all of you. (I had a professor once who started each class with that line...said he did his best thinking in the shower...weird). At any rate, I really was in the shower thinking about bloggers. And yes, I am aware of how weird that is.

It all started because I checked my email before the shower (part of my AM routine) and saw I had a reply from Phil. AKA: Phil-who-will-make-any-excuse-to-get-out-of-running-with-me. The Phil who swears (okay, maybe swearing is a little harsh) that he will catch up with me next time he's in town. That Phil.

And I started thinking about all the RBFer's and runner bloggers that I've met along this short little running journey I've had...and the one's that i already have a plan to meet...and the one's i would love to meet.

I've met Jeff (minus any foaming action and minus one cute little future triathlete), Anne (who by the way is the best RBF meetup host. ever. really.), Jim (who I think is a big fan of breakfast because we met over breakfast, and next February we will meet again guessed it. Breakfast.), Laura (who I have travel-envy for. That girl is always on the go. With her cute little Allie in tow...and her husband too), Little Miss Runner Pants (who really is everything she portrays in her blog), Runner Susan (who singlehandly motivated me to the end of the San Diego Rock n Roll you never knew that...after I passed you and Anne I told Troy not to let you catch me. It was the only way I could get to the end. He kept telling me "here they they come...but later he said he never saw you again), and of course T-roi (who's not really an RBFer but sometimes posts things on his blog and well I know him well enough to marry him in 387 days).

I have plans to meet Christy (and maybe Miles? Does he really exist?) next year at the Mercedes Half, Kurt (as he makes his debute as the BEST WEDDING CRASHER ever), and one day I'll track Phil down (when he least expects it).

Bloggers I'd like to meet...the list is endless. Vanilla (I want to find out if he's truly THAT funny in person), The Sasser's (but not until after I'm married. And then for a few years after that. She's got this bug where every post is about someone having a baby and I don't want to catch it), Peanut Blog and Jelly (that girl just keeps going and going and going and going), Miss Petite America (because I bet she totally rocks in person), Amy and Tom (because they're the best blogging team. ever.), Laurie (but only if she's wearing the cow suit), Tim (because I bet he is every bit as cool as he sounds on his blog). There are more. But, geez, I got tired of hyperlinking.

So, that, folks is what I thought about in the shower today.

Actually it was 2 days ago, but I forgot to hit "publish post".


Laurie said...

Really?! Only with the cow suit!? I guess that's what I get for agreeing with T-roi ;)

You'll have to come to Iowa to visit me, Amy, and Tom. Oh wait, who would willingly visit Iowa!?

Tim said...

It is interesting these "relationships" we form through a shared passion.

Thanks for including me. Who knows - we may run in the same race some day.

Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to you run the half here!!

Laura Lohr : My Beautiful Life said...

I have been thinking about you! You are so sweet!