September 14, 2007


What do I love the most about teleworking?

There are so many positives...getting to shower after my 6am run and putting clean pajamas on...working from the couch all day...laundry gets need to blow dry my hair...actually getting work done because it's QUIET...oh, there are so many things that are great about teleworking. But, what I love the most is being able to watch music videos while I am hard at work.

This morning I saw Avril Lavigne's new video When You're Gone. I'm not much of an Avril fan. Not that I don't think she's got talent, but I've just never gotten into her. Maybe it's because my 10 year old nephew used to be head over heels for her, and I guess I just felt like he and I shouldn't be listening to the same music. T-roi is another story. He loves that girl. He even put some of her songs on the list for the dj at the wedding. Really. At any rate, this morning I thought I'd give her new song (and I'm totally assuming that it's a new song) a chance. And. OMG. That video is so sad. When it started showing the old man sitting in his underwear crying over his deceased wife, I almost got a little choked up. And the part where the girl is scolded for making out with her boyfriend and her mom yanks her made me think of times when I was alone. And that it's been so long since I've had that feeling (well, two years to be exact). And I thought for a minute about how lucky I am to have someone in my life. And not feel so all alone. And that sometimes I get so wrapped up in life that I forget how truly great I have it each and every day. And it took Avril Lavigne to make me realize that???

On a running note, Downtown D and I got our run on this morning. 6:30 am. Tropical Depression Humberto moved through here last night so the weather is starting to cool off. Thank goodness. I enjoy our runs together and today she told me she'd like to train for a 1/2 marathon next March (Snickers Marathon and Half Marathon). It was on my list of things to run next year, so it'll work out great! This morning we extended the normal route to finish off an easy 4.5 miles. I've got another 8.5 to finish this weekend to round out 20 for the week. I may even do another run this evening before we go out....we'll see how that works out...hopefully it won't interfere with my afternoon nap :) I've had a good week, packed with lifting weights everyday, getting in my scheduled runs, and even getting my speedwork on. I wish every week could be like this!

Have a great weekend!
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Bryan said...

I am sure that the "nephew" would want me to remind you, that as of this last post, he was 11 years old!

Even though your nephew likes her, I don't think there is a problem watching an Avril video while you are teleworking. However, if you ever post that you were watching
"High School Musical" while teleworking, then maybe we need to talk

Tom said...

You've got the teleworking routine it breaks your heart to not have to work in cubicle land.

I admire your attention to the weights as well as your running. You've got the right idea with balancing your fitness.

Keep up the great work--in your PJs!

Anne said...

I teleworked for six years and managed to shrink my work wardrobe while expanding my waistline. Hope the antibiotics kick in soon. Those sinus infections can be debilitating.

Phil said...

Nice job getting you mileage built back up again. You'll be in great shape by the time the Snickers 1/2 marathon rolls around next March.

Laura Lohr : My Beautiful Life said...

You crack me up! Seriously, after first reading your title, I thought you some how were actually working with Avril.

You rock woman! Keep it up! :)