August 03, 2007

You May Need To Sit Down For This

Because I, being of sound mind, and through with school for this up and ran this morning.

Wait a minute.

Not only did I get up and run.....


(are you sitting down?)


I ran 6 miles.

I know! Shutup! That's the first time since the half mary in January! And it felt.....GOOD. No pain, no shortness of breath, no nothing...just me and my running legs (which by the way, told me they've been waiting for this moment).

It started with 2 miles at 0630 with a new running partner. She lives downtown where the hills are abundant. So, we ran 2...she thought it was more than that but, being the good accountant, I tracked it in my car when we were done. When I realized that it was only 2 miles, and that I felt like I could do more, I headed back to the casa to get in 4 more.

So, hills and all, my feet actually touched the pavement for 6 solid miles today. And I felt like I could do more!

My ipod played my U2 playlist which, coincidentally, started out with "Beautiful Day"....yes, yes, it will be.

So, I'm back. And it feels so good. I guess it just took getting out of school...taking that last finally feel like my old self again.

And I've got a new Friday morning running partner! She's slow like me, so it's going to work out just nicely!

On tap is another 6 tomorrow and then rest on Sunday. I've got my matchup against 26Marathons on Monday morning and I want to be 100% to keep up with his 8 minute miles.

Next week is the 10K...I had thought about just doing the 5k, but now that I know I can run at least 6 miles, I think I'll be just PRs...well, actually whatever I run will be a PR because this will be my first 10k ever (weird, huh?)

Okay, this has been the most scattered post but in summary: I am super excited to know that I'm back!

Now off to buy beer and wine with my dad for tomorrow nights festivities :)

Have a GREAT weekend!


Laurie said...


Enjoy your 10K!

marathena said...

Way to go!! Have a great weekend!!

Phil said...

Congratulations on your 6 miler.

I was thinking about you last night as I was huffing and puffing on an easy 3 miler in Seattle. Here I am bitching and complaining about a little weight gain (ok, a lot of weight gain) after a back injury kept me down for a month and you had to come back from a frigging broken foot. Then I read about your 6 miler today.

You really are back in the game. Congratulations.

Tim said...

Welcome back!

Firefly's Running said...

Way to go, Amy! Congrads! Have fun!

Amy said...

Congrats on treating yourself to a run. I can only imagine what a relief and enjoyment it was to be back out there.

Kurt said...

Awesome job! I am so proud of you. Only 400+ days to my crashing.

Anne said...

That's a great song to start out a run; the Rock 'n' Roll marathon you did began with that tune -- remember?

Glad you've got a running partner. Mine have become lifelong friends.

Laura Lohr said...

Right on! My running buddy is BACK!

Now, my turn to get back to it!