August 20, 2007


All this time I've been trying to get up at 5am to get "stuff" done before my run. I usually end up oversleeping and never getting the run in.

Today, I overslept.

Are you surprised?

Yeah, me neither.

But, ACTUALLY, I was supposed to get up at 4am and I slept until 4:47. Because, remember me saying something last week about getting a friend/co-worker motivated to run? Yeah, well, that started today. And we were meeting at...OMG...0530. Like o-dark-30. I've never been this close to work when it was still so dark.

But, I was only 20 minutes late. And she didn't seem to mind. We did a haphazard walk/run thing which culminated in me taking control (surprised?) and announcing that tomorrow we would be on a schedule. Yeah, I had to laugh at myself too.

So, 4 miles of walk/run-til-she's-out-of-breath thing. And I had sorta decided that my 6:30 with 26Marathons was going to get cancelled because, I mean, really, I had been up since 4:47 AM. Seemed like a good enough reason to cancel to me.

Until I saw him running towards us. Just when we were nearing the finish. And something inside me jumped out and said "he looks like he's having FUN!" (There goes me using the word "fun" again). And before I knew it I was biding farewell to co-worker and heading off with 26Marathons for 3 MORE miles.


It's a true story.

I totally messed my watch up so I don't know any exacts on pace/split/etc. But, I know it took us about an hour to walk 4 miles and it took me and 26Marathons less than 30 minutes to run 3. That's all I know.

I totally told him that tomorrow I was going to only walk with her so don't come running by me to try and tempt me into running (okay, so that's not what I really said, but you get my point). We'll see how it goes. I really do need a rest day and since I've screwed up my Sundays and Tuesdays with the whole I'm-gonna-run-3-times-for-each-day-during-Augustathon, I figure I might as well take tomorrow (Tuesday) off.

By the way, I found myself giving out so much advice to co-worker that I didn't even know I possessed. Some of the things I told her were
  • You're not doing this to win any marathons, so why run so fast? (She really needs to start slower so that she go longer).
  • Stand up straight when you're running to give your lungs more room to breath (I don't know if that's true but it sounded good).
  • Pick a spot and run to it. And then another and keep running. And then another and keep running. And so on.
  • Get your wind back on the downhill, cause you're running ALL THE WAY up that next hill (okay, not advice so much but it worked and that's all that matters)

She told me she's contemplating quitting her job to become a super-star runner just like the Kenyans. Whatever floats her boat, right?

Have a great Monday...or however great a Monday can truly be!


Kurt said...

Hey I am first today! Yeah for the first post to your blog.

Glad your running and having partners is always a great way to do it.

I have a list of 10 reasons why I will crash the wedding. I will post them sometime in the next month or so.

Jim said...

I'm not crashing. Just hoping you think about me long enough to send an invite!

You stated it in your comments and now you're going to be sorry. You and T-man will stay at my house for Mercedes (unless you have some kinky reason to get a hotel room). My mom and dad are also excited about fixing breakfast for you guys. I think that they have already gone to the sale barn to buy a pig just for your breakfast!

It is always nice to share info with fellow runners. Just remember that for everyone who knows more than you, there are an equal number that know less. Good for you for sharing your passion!

Troy Tarpley said...

Sweet! Amy loves good pig for breakfast!

Looks like Jim and Kurt are the first to reserve seats at the runners table. Unfortunately the caterer has a thing for runners and refuses to allow them to eat anything NOT on the health menu. Oh, she says NO alcohol for runners either. Still want those seats??

Or you can lie about your running life and eat all the junk food and top shelf beer and red wine you want. We are.

WannaBe5Ker said...

That must be so hard, sticking with a new, slower runner--I am slow and, well, embarassed to run with others, so I can say that, very cool of you to do that:-) It's why I don't run with other folks--don't want to hold them back. Tell your friend to check out Couch to 5K @ Cool Running, it worked for me:-)