August 15, 2007

Two Posts In One Day?!?!?!?!

Well, I just spent the last hour (or what I thought was several hours) reading ALL (okay, almost all) of this blog. How come I have never discovered him before? And for the record, not only did you get a shout-out but you also got a permanent link on the right.

I think everyone is gone from my office. It is eerily quiet, but it is certainly not ANYWHERE near quitting time. Scratch "quitting"...not anywhere near going home time. I have knocked my heater over 4 times in the last 30 minutes so now it sortof smells like burnt hair in here. I may end up bringing a blanket tomorrow...apparentally I can't get the heater quite close enough to warm my entire body...just my feet. But come touch my yes, I know it is 105 degrees outside. But it's only around 65 inside. No kidding.

I can't figure out if it's that I'm supposed to be doing something but have forgotten, or if I am just so efficient that I've gotten everything done. Too bad I don't have any more running clothes. Now would be a perfect time to get some more miles in. Isn't that the way it always happens? No? Oh....

I've been doing alot of analyzing today. Thinking about why my running has sucked so much this summer. And it finally dawned on me. Last summer I was in a cast the entire summer (well, except during that marathon I ran) and the summer before I hadn't discovered the *joy* that is running. So, technically I'm having a better summer than any before. What have I been beating myself up for??? That information certainly would have been nice to know...oh...about 2 months ago.

In other news....crap...I don't even have any "other news" to report.

Is it time to go yet? No? 2 more hours?? Geez...

Tonight is the first night of class. Yahoo. It just puts me one semester closer to being done. For good. On tap for this evening is Organizational Behavior...or when I'm feeling super mature..."OB"...or even better "org behavior"...I have no idea why that makes me snicker, but it just does. Rump roast makes me laugh the same. Not so much that milk is coming out my nose, but almost that funny.

And in totally unrelated news, but worthy of being talked about is this story: national news or local news. Take your pick. Apparently, our mayor (who is the biggest idiot EVER) has done it again. It's not enough that during his 8 years (who voted for him twice?) he has gotten divorced (not that I'm saying that was wrong but it was this WHOLE drama deal), been linked to baby-daddy-mama-drama, denounced his religion for Islam, tried to change his name to Hakim (try and cough up's pronounced like that phlegm noise makes), helped our city to near bankruptcy, and the list goes on. NO. None of that is enough to make us a small embarrasment. NO. He has to make us a HUGE embarrasment, not only to the state but to the rest of the country by announcing his allegiance to Hugo Chavez. I mean really. It doesn't get any better than this. Or, only 116 more days until he is officially gone. Only 116 more days....

Have a great day.


jeff said...

i know what you forgot, but i'm not telling.

rump roast. heh.

that's like me calling bunt cake, butt cake.

Vanilla said...

Thanks for the shout out!