August 28, 2007

Troy: Meet Adam....Adam: Meet Troy

Note: There is a point to these pictures, but you must read the post to figure it out :)

So, there's nothing like getting up early...driving to run...and having it start pouring down you pull in the parking lot. Nice. So, in lieu of running outside, I decided to still get the miles in on the treadmill (or the "I Hate Running Machine"). Since I HATE running on the treadmill, I thought I would get in 3 miles instead of the 4 I had planned, and pick up the other mile somewhere else this week.

But guess what?

(And this is for all of you 30+ somethings).

Did you know that they play music videos on VH1 between at least 6:50am and 7:30am???? All of these years I have been trying to figure out where the music videos went...AND NOW I FOUND THEM! It might even *be worth it* to run on the treadmill now (I didn't really say that). So here's how it shook down (by artist, not song...because well, I can't remember what they were all called):

Matt Kearney: Undeniable
Vanessa Carleton: ???
Fergie: Big Girls Don't Cry (looking at her made me want to run faster)
Melissa Ethridge: ????
Nickleback: can't remember the song but very cool video

And then I decided to cool down.


Maroon 5: Wake up Call. And OMG...Adam Levine is so hot (sorry mom/dad), but for real. And he kindof looks like T-roi (especially when he hasn't shaven, but since I could not find an unshaven pic of T, I attached the clean versions of both my men. I mean, both of them. So you could see the resemblence. And just how lucky I am.) And did I mention how hot he is? Very cool video. But, Adam, I mean, c'mon. So, since I sorta felt like he was singing to me, I decided I couldn't let him see me walking and I began to run again.

And I cranked out 4 whole miles on the treadmill.

And it wasn't hard at all.

Plan for the rest of the week:
Wed: 10k (to see where I'm at for the Labor Day Race)
Thur: 5 miles
Fri: 5 miles
Sat: speedwork (Ha!)
Sun: Rest

I also changed my training schedule so that I don't have to run on the weekends unless I'm doing speedwork or crosstraining on the trails. I have just succumb to the fact that I don't like running on the weekends, and since my work schedule permits endless hours of running during the week, there is no reason that I can't treat myself to non-running weekends (ie, I can sleep in!).

Have a great week!


Taryn said...

Do you remember Friday night music videos? I remember having sleepovers and my girlfriends and I being glued to the TV, fantisizing about George & Andrew (Wham!) and Nick & Simon (Duran Duran). Or, if we were really lucky, my mom would rent a DD video tape! Oohhh 80's, I miss you.

Firefly's Running said...

WOW! I will have TiVo those videos, Amy. I miss the REAL MTV...before all of that CRAP!

Troy Tarpley said...

I have to admit, he is hot. But I don't see the resemblance between us.

Tom said...

I won't touch the matter of hot guys. My wife would agree.

I like your idea of weekend-less running--for you since it works for your schedule. That's a training program you could sell and get rich off.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone hold up their boom box to the TV speakers and record the music from Friday Night Videos...or was I the only loser?

miss petite america said...

why do you think i like running on the treadmill so much? good music and hot guys are very conducive to it!

WannaBe5Ker said...

WTG on the run. I remember the good old days of music videos on MTV and later VH1. :-)