August 06, 2007

Start of the Week

So, I didn't do anymore running after my fabulous return of 6 miles on Friday...but, in my defense...I had an awesome engagement party to attend on Saturday and lots of family to visit with on Sunday. I had no idea that things would be so crazy with trying to greet all 50 guests, take pictures with each of them, and of course, get my drink on. That didn't really happen so much...which was probably good (my mom didn't need me trying to do the Moonwalk through her living room). But by Sunday afternoon, I was POOPED. And all I wanted to do was close the blinds and curl up on the sofa to catch up on TIVO. And that is exactly what I did (and Troy too). Being out of school makes me so happy (8 more days of blissfulness).

This morning it was back to normal. Met 26Marathons for 3 easy miles (actually we did a 5k route). It was difficult because it was so dang hot 6:30 in the morning! I have been reading that you should shave 30 seconds off for every 5 degrees over 60. If that logic really holds true, then it was perfectally exceptable to be running 10 minute miles this morning. Good thing. Saturday is the 10k which I plan to run at the slowest pace possible. Since I've never run a 10k race, whatver I run will be my PR and I'm totally okay with that (given my recent history of being a running-slacker). I do want to do 2 things this week: 1. Run every morning. Even if it's just a few miles. I need to get my mind okay with getting up and heading out the door. If I wait until the afternoon it just won't happen...not in this heat anyway. 2. I want to make a calendar like Lauries for the month of August where I run at least 3 times each day of the week (that doesn't sound right). For example, I need to run 3 Sundays in the month of August, 3 Mondays, 3 Tuesdays, etc...does that make sense? I think it will help me to challenge myself and be motivated at the same time.

That's it for today.

Have a great week!


Laurie said...

Ohhh three of each day is not easy but I know you can do it! My goal is always two.

Happy running!

Tom said...

Really like your profile where you discuss your "running life" and how you wouldn't change a thing. I also like your goal of three of each day--makes it seem more achievable and hopefully more enjoyable too. Good luck in your guaranteed PR 10k race this weekend, and make sure you post a race report. Keep up the great running!

Tim said...

Muggy, sticky and sweaty at 6 am would make anyone run slower - at least that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

Best of luck in the 10k!