August 11, 2007

Race Report: Jim Herrin 10k

So, I made it.

Barely. I mean really. It was probably the worst race I've ever run.

But, whatever I did out there was a PR, since it was my 1st ever 10k. So, that part felt good. All I had to do was finish. Which wasn't ever an issue. Okay, except when I saw that girl throwup....I questioned how that would effect me, and was concerned. For a sec. Until I got passed by the amputee. Then I wondered what the hell I was doing. But, not finishing??? Well, that wasn't ever an issue.

Overall here's how it went down:

Troy and I thought it would be a great idea to drink beer and eat pizza last night. And follow that up with a Blizzard from DQ and a movie....then we both fell asleep on the couch. When I woke around midnight, i drank about 4 oz of water and headed to bed. ALL of the alarm clocks went off at various times this morning, starting at 4:30 and ending at 6:15 when I finally got my lazy sack of potatoes out of bed. Then it was off to the car repair place to drop my car off and then on to Warner Vegas to meet my Dad at 7:15. About the time that Troy and I were arguing about the only thing we EVER argue punctual my family is, and how not punctual his is (and he said that, not me) dad called to see where we was 2 minutes after 7. At the very same time that i was freaking out because we weren't going to be early.

We got 7:14...He was actually early for once, and I freaked out for nothing. So, score one point for Troy (in comparison to the 847 that I've already racked up for being early/on time). We chatted with my dad, saw some friends, and the race began.

Through the mall parking lot and up a small was hot...with it already being about 80 degrees with 70% humidity. I was CERTAIN that there would be water stops scattered about....more on that later. After that one small incline, it was pretty much flat the rest of the way...which I sortof hate. Like I explained to my dad, the hills challenge you and when you crest them you have a sense of accomplishment and everything flat is just gravy...but when everything is flat, it's like running towards something that just keeps getting further and further out of your reach....Troy and I chatted as we wound our way through the crowd. About a mile in, the 5kers split off from the 10kers....actually before we even made it to that spot we past about 5 or 6 males racing for 1st place in the was funny...we hadn't even warmed up yet and they were almost done. So, we split off from the big pack (I guess) and headed into the neighborhood. At this point, I realized that I hadn't seen any mile marker signs...and it just gets me all out of whack when I don't know where I'm at, how much further I have to go. And then we had been running for almost 25 minutes and there was no water stops. The realization that I had fueled with beer and that there may be no water started to freak me out. I decided it was time to walk. If the water was going to be nonexistent, I at least needed to save what little energy I had to make it to the finish line....and from there, everything just went downhill....we did pass a water stop shortly after the walk break, but it was too little too late. I had no idea how far we had been and my mind was playing crazy games on me. Then I saw the girl puke and that kindof grossed me out. I felt bad for running past her with my hands over my eyes, but I knew if I saw it, I would be right there beside her. But, we kept going...half walking, half running. I started to feel bad that I had dragged Troy into this. He hadn't run in so long, and here I was giving out him. And then I started to think about my nonexistent training. And how that explained alot of why I was not in shape for this. And the beer. Oh, the beer didn't help. As Troy tried to encourage me to keep running and stop walking, we were just getting passed, passed, passed. And I just felt worse and worse about it. I kept thinking at any moment we would reach another aid station, I'd fuel up and bust it outta there...that never happened. We wound into Kat and John's neighborhood and Troy and I joked about how maybe just maybe they were standing at the entrance to their street passing out water, or at least waiting with some for us....of course, it was 8:15 in the morning, and they have a little one, and it was hot, and they aren't as stupid as we are, and they aren't runners so would they really think about that?? My little dreamed started to fade and I begin to really think that 45 minutes into this, not knowing how far we had run, as hot as it was, and no, I did what everyone else wanted to do, but wasn't brave enough to do it....I started running through people's sprinkler's...I didn't drink the water (since I recently had an "incident" with drinking poisonous water) but it did feel good to rinse some of the sweat off....FINALLY PEOPLE, I MEAN FINALLY...we ran into another water stop...with just a little over 1.5 miles left to go (it was actually the water stop for the turn around at the 5k). Again, it was a too little too late. Troy and I just began to talk about stuff...I was tired of apologizing to him for such poor performance....we talked about honeymoon plans, how the Labor Day 10k would be so much better because it's actually on our running turf, and how this miserable little race would be over shortly. Through it all, Troy was just the picture of motivation for me and I remembered why I liked running with him so much. We finally got back out on the main road, just a little over a mile left to go. I think I walked about 100 times in that mile. I couldn't see if people were really turning back in the mall parking lot or if they were going on ahead. And I just couldn't get any speed until I determined that we were REALLY almost there. When I did realize that they were in fact turning in the mall, and all we had left was a downhill portion, I was so happy. We had finally made it. In the worst race ever. Of course, then I got real cocky and tried to race Troy to the finish...where I beat him by .02 of a second with a dismal time of 1:05:05...because of the lack of mile markers, I don't know my splits, but that's a first in a while for 10:28 pace....

BUT, on the bright side, it can only get better :)

We went inside to get some water (cause it certainly wasn't out on the course) and surprise, surprise...they had no water left...REALLY. Today, it will be 104 degrees with a heat index of 115 and there was no water??? One of the girls that we ran next, passed, and let her pass, said next year she was volunteering with a water station...Dad to the rescue went over to Chick-fil-A and grabbed us both BIG cups of cool H2O. And I couldn't have been happier. We headed back outside to cool off as there was several hundred sweaty bodies inside waiting on the awards ceremony...since we knew we weren't breaking any records, we decided to go back out and cool off.

And that's where this sad little story ends. Next to the 1st 5k I ever ran, this was hands down the worst logistically. Minimal aid stations, no mile marker signs (okay, I did see one at 5 miles), and no crowd to cheer us on the course made for poor race conditions. But, on the positive: I did PR, and I did get to run with Troy. So, those two things make it ALL better :)

Labor Day will be much better. Like at least 10 minutes better....but I'll be more prepared. Because now I know what a toll being a slacker is taking on my body. Tomorrow I would like to round out the week for an even 20. So, that would be about an 8 miler...we'll see how it goes.

Oh, and I got these yesterday...and was dumb enough to run in them today. My Landreths just began to feel like I was running on rocks. They really felt good on my feet this morning, but if I'm going to wear performance shoes, I should start running like it's some kind of performance, right?

Have a great Saturday!

Why do cats (or at least this one) like stinky shoes so much????


Amy said...

Good for you for finishing the race! Boo to the race directors for no water. I have run a few 25K's like that and have seen the runners turn ugly! Hope you can enjoy beer and pizza tonight to celebrate.

thatredheadedlady said...

:( Sorry we weren't handing out water! We were up, though, so we probably should have been. John was mowing grass, though, and I was busy with the child and housecleaning. Hope you are ok (and hydrated!) now!

Firefly's Running said...

Great job, Amy. As for cats and stinky shoe, I don't know. I still trying to figure out cats and body odor.

Ian said...

Congratulations on the finish! I'm not sure why some cats act like that around shoes, but one of mine feels the need to constantly rub up on any that are laying out in the open. Maybe it's some kind of scent-marking/territorial thing.

Tom said...

Sounds like the worst conditions possible. Your races will only get better. You've got a lot to look forward to...

Anne said...

This is the second race report I've read today where organizers didn't have enough water. It's August, for chrissakes. Yes, your times will improve once the weather cools. I've done the beer-and-pizza fueling before, and it ain't half bad -- provided there are ample aid stations the next morning.

I can't explain the cat behavior. I can only say dogs do something much worse.

Laurie said...

Not enough water!? In August!? In Georgia!? That is just cruel and unusual punishment.

You deserve an A for the day for sticking it out through less than ideal conditions. Give yourself some credit!