August 23, 2007


Yahoo! It's here. Too bad I can't post a picture of it....but you-know-who reads my blog daily...he had already threatened to drive by the dress shop (the one with all the windows across the front) while I was trying it on. Thank goodness my mom and grandmother were there to be on the lookout!

But, it's beautiful. It's exactly what I wanted and more. I was very nervous because I found a dress that I loved at one of those big box stores (they never made me mad enough to post their name here) but refused to buy it from them. I took the picture of it to a local shop and they found a similar dress and so I was nervous for it to get here and it to not be the same. But I was totally surprised! And there were a few alterations that I was going to make on the big-box store dress that were already made on this dress!!!

Actually, the dress fit perfectly. Maybe a little hem on the bottom depending on whether I buy heels or flip-flops (and right now I'm leaning towards flip-flops). But everywhere else it fit like a glove. Which really means that I can't lose any weight (thank goodness that pressure is gone) but I can't gain any either (great....). But with at least one marathon between now and then, I think I'll be able to hang on to my girlie figure without the fear of a pound or ten creeping in.

So, one thing marked off my list....a hundred more to go. We meet with the dj tomorrow. At which time T-roi will present his list of songs he wants played at the reception. The list starts off with Michael Buble's "Everything" (what we are going to dance to) and ends with Notorious B.I.G.'s "Mo Money Mo Problems"....I'm not freakin' some point I'll get ahold of that notebook and post some of the other songs he's got is HILARIOUS!

P.S. I picked out my bridesmaids dresses while I was there today. Kat, what do you think about Camaro Teal dresses? I attached the pic above.

Okay, so I'm kidding...actually, I googled "ugly dresses" and found this dress courtesy of And guess what is even funnier????

Give up?

I wore this exact dress in a wedding.

Have a great Thursday!


Beachshoes said...

You may be interested in our "flips". We custom make them for you.
Enjoyed reading your blog.

Laura Lohr said...

Ahhh, man! I am so interested to see your dress!

I had a pair of wedding flip flops. I also had a pair of pretty heels. I wore the flip flops after the pictures and ceremony. I think I got them at David's Bridal and they said "Just Married" on the bottom of them and left "Just Married" on the sand. They were too cute!

Glad you are getting close to finishing your classes.

Kurt said...

Where is suspicious minds by the King or Cat Scratch fever by Terrible Ted?

miss petite america said...

that dress is foul! i'm sure your wedding dress is the antithesis of that!!!