August 31, 2007


Sorry, Jeff, but this won't be a post about the "runs"...I just felt like using that title.

4 miles this morning with Downtown D. Since she had to go out of town we met at 6am. I can tell that the weather is starting to cool off because I wasn't completely drenched with sweat until about 2 miles in. Yeah for cooler weather.

But my run is not the coolest thing that has happened so far today (and it's only 7:40am).

I saw my very first dead body!!!!!

Okay, well I didn't actually see the body but I saw the white drape with blood on it. I'm not sure what happened, but around 5:50am when I was on my way to D's, I came over the hill and there were ambulances and fire trucks and police cars and lots of people and POLICE TAPE!!!! I thought maybe a house had caught fire or something and since it was still dark I couldn't really see much anyway....but....on my way the daylight...I saw the coroner, lots of undercover cops and as I slowed (there were more people outside and I didn't want to hit them....) I looked over and saw the drape!!!! The local news is just reporting that a roommate woke to a blood stained house and found the roommate outside, dead, obviously. UPDATE: I just checked the news again and they said that it was a homicide but they can't tell what happened because "there is blood everywhere".

It's probably a mile or two from my house which is sortof scary but not too too scary considering where it actually happened.

Anyway, what a WAY to start off the day (for me, not the other guy). T and I are headed to Atlanta for a concert tonight. I'd tell you what band we were going to see but I already got the "you're not serious, are you?" from a certain someone (JOHN), so I'll just keep it to myself.

Have a great day!


miss petite america said...

dude, i go see people like justin timberlake, kelly clarkson, and hilary duff in concert. who you're seeing can't be as embarrassing as that! :)

hope you and adam, i mean troy have fun this weekend!

jeff said...

dangit, and here i was hoping for a post about GI issues.

thatredheadedlady said...

Hey - I totally approve of you seeing Hootie! Don't you worry! (I don't know what is wrong with John - he must have something against the 1990s).

Firefly's Running said...

Have fun!

Anne said...

Holy smokes, Amy. I think I'll have nightmares after reading this one. Do let us know more details as you get them. Sounds like someone was bludgeoned to death, and if the roommate didn't do it, how the hell did he sleep through it?!