August 17, 2007


The dentist didn't seem too grossed out. Actually, his exact words were that he never smelled me at all. My hygenist's husband is a personal trainer so she is used to foul smelling bodies. I think those masks they wear probably blocked anything that I was giving off anyway. Besides, they were both impressed that I had accomplished so much by 8am. And I was kind enough (read: wussed out) to change my shirt before I went.

4 miles with DowntownD. It was a slow 4 miles, which was fine with me. I love Friday morning chats. And I got to run another part of downtown that I haven't ever run. I still sweated my butt off even at our almost 12 minute mile pace.

It's kindof humorous. One day I run 9 minute miles with 26Marathons and the next day I'm working it at a 12 minute pace. I'm hoping that running with DT D will make her faster just like 26M makes me faster :)

I volunteered to go run/walk with a co-worker next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning at...I still can't believe I did 5:30 in the morning. 30 minutes from my house. So, we're talking about getting up around 4:30am???? I've been saying that I feel crazy this week. I now know that I am. But really, I like her. And she's trying to lose weight. And I think that's great. She hasn't gotten to that place where she totally motivates herself so she needs help. She'll get out there and walk but she won't run without someone there to coax her. The other co-worker that's been kicking her into shape will be on vacation so I volunteered to take over. And I guess it will make sure that I am there to run with 26Marathons. Co-worker does a 4 mile out and back that usually takes her exactly one hour. So, by the time we get back, 26 will be there ready for our AM run. We'll see how it goes.

Plan for the rest of the weekend:

7 Miles tomorrow morning

4 on Sunday

Have a great weekend!


Tom said...

When you left the office did they turn on the exhaust fans? Did they write "Stinky" in the appointment book for your next visit?

Seriously, I admire your thoughtfulness to help your co-worker with her fitness goals. That's a kind-hearted gesture at that hour and that far away. You might very well be the force that helps her along the way. Proud of you!

Ali said...

It's like play-it-forward in running. I love how, someone is helping you get faster, you are helping someone else.