August 30, 2007

I hate that last post

But I'm not going to delete it because the first part of fixing a problem is admitting you have one, right?

I did my first act of local running stuff (besides just running in their races) tonight by going to help stuff race packets for the Labor Day Road Race. It was actually alot of fun. A little repititous, but something that has to be done, right? I met several of the local running peeps and they were all nice. And I even liked them so much that I volunteered to go back on Sunday to help hand out race packets.

I've been totally intimidated in the past to join the long run groups or the speedwork groups because I know that they are so much faster than I am. But it suddenly dawned on me tonight that they all once were as slow as I am now. And that was comforting. Not that I'm "planning" any meetups anytime soon (see the post below) but if I find myself not busy one Sunday morning around 7:15am, or on a Tuesday or Thursday night, I might just join them.

Have a great evening, and don't be afraid to post whatever you want to the previous post. I'm not that sensitive. And I really need to hear the truth.

Thanks Laurie (and Troy too!)

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