August 19, 2007

Flippin' Sweet

First and foremost, this post has nothing to do with running, as I never did get that pesky 4 miles in today. But, read on...because I still had a GREAT DAY! And it has made me remember how lucky I truly am!

Today was our first attendance at a bridal show. Oh, the exciting and wonderful things I'm subjecting T-roi to :) As we got to the top of the stairs at the Armory Ball Room where the show was (and coincidentally where our reception will be), T-roi got this scared look on his face and said "am I going to be the only groom here???" Until that very moment, I hadn't even given it a second thought. But thankfully, there was one other groom there...and there was plenty of male vendors (photographers, djs, etc) so as to not make T-roi feel totally out of place. But, in actuality, he put on his best groom-to-be face and helped me wind my way through caterers, cake designers, invitation peeps, and the like. By the way, they should put on the registration form "don't eat before you come because there will be a TON of food shoved in your face".

We wound our way around to the dj that we have already met and will probably end up going with: DKH Entertainment. We reacquainted ourselves with Kevin while he butchered my last name (it's a really difficult Italian name and mostly mispronounced by EVERYONE). But anyway, I found out shortly after we arrived that I was one of the first 50 brides to register so I got a really cute gift basket from Visual Glamour (local place...couldn't find a website) filled with all kinds of good hair products and smell-good lotions and bath stuff. Yeah for me!

Then they started talking about the "grand prize" giveaway. I just assumed since I had already gotten a good prize, that I was out of the running for the big dog prize. The cake girl we were chatting with explained that we should all be in the running for the prize but that she would make sure that our name was in the basket (her cake was great and she scored bonus points by doing that!). She came back and said that they couldn't tell her if our name was in there, but they were certain that it should be :) We began talking to a videographer when they started rattling off something about the grand prize. I excused myself from the videographer because if on the off-chance I won a small prize I wanted to be able to hear them call my name: "V. Brown". Dangit. "V there a V Brown here...going once...going have to be present to win...alright let's draw again".

As I began to look for T-roi to head home, I heard Kevin say "great. I'm going to butcher her last name again....misprounced Italian last name".

OMG. I won something.

OMG. I think I won the "grand prize".

OMG. I did win the "grand prize".

Which turned out to be 2 nights in a B&B in Savannah (Forsyth Park Inn) plus a basket of delectable sweets (their wording, not mine), a bottle of champagne, a $50 gift certificate for dinner in Savannah, and either a historic tour (which we've already done) or a ghost walk tour (which we are totally excited to do).

Wow. I don't think I ever win anything. Or at least anything totally cool. We didn't take a single vacation this summer due to school and wedding budget forecasts, so we are totally excited to be able to take a weekend for FREE (or mostly free!).

And that is how my weekend ended! On a note that made me remember how truly lucky I am!


Laurie said...

Very cool indeed. I think having Troy there tipped the scales in your favor ;)

A few years ago my mom helped organize a small bridal show in the town where she lives. I sat at the door and took money. The grooms who attended were so cute! There was even one who came with his mom because his bride couldn't make it. Tell Troy he is not alone.

John said...

Congratulations, that sounds like lots of fun.

Tim said...

Ghost tour!

Very cool indeed!


Anne said...

Very nice. Very nice indeed.

Anonymous said...

First, congrats on your "flippin sweet" winning of a Vacay.
Second, when I saw the ND picture I thought at the end you were going to say you watched ND 'cause it was on TV last night..."gosh".