August 09, 2007

Cardiac Profile

This morning the civilian health peeps on the base did a FREE cardiac screening...complete with finger pricking and all. Here are my stats:

Glucose: 76 (normal 65-99)
BP: 100/75 (normal <120>60)
LDL (bad cholesterol): 93 (normal 0-99)
Triglyceride: 77 (normal <150)
Cholesterol Ratio: 2.7 (normal <5.0)
BMI: 22 (normal <24.9, but I think its wrong because it doesn't account for all these hot muscles I have)
Height: 63.5 inches (and I thought I was only 63 inches!!!)
Weight: 127 (with shoes, and with muscles mentioned above)

So, I recieved an A++. Sweet. Now why can't I get these kind of grades in grad school???

I ran 3 miles on the treadmill last night. It actually wasn't as painful as I had thought it would be. I'm going back tonight for another 3 mile rendevous. Then 4 tomorrow and 6.2 on Saturday (aka my first ever 10k). So far I'm keeping on track this week. Guess it's the high of being out of school.

Speaking of being high. I registered for this a few minutes ago. Surprise :)

Have a great Thursday.


Laurie said...

Good luck with your 10K! Automatic PR :)

Ohhh, another marathon, good for you!

Firefly's Running said...

Great health profile! Awesome run!

Tom said...

My profile doesn't have a chance to look that good. Bust out on your first 10k and give us a great race report!

Bryan said...

BMI of 22 does not account for muscles, however the fat between your ears balances it out!

Amy said...

Oh Bryan, sweet funny you are.....don't you realize that you have a birthday coming up...shouldn't you be nicer to me???? BTW, isn't it the big 4-0 this year...I see you lied on your blog profile....

Really, thanks for I know that you REALLY are reading my blog, so I'll have to be careful with what I say.....about YOU!

Bryan said...

Are you sure that you are an accountant? I was born in 68 so I wont be 40 until 2008. And I did not lie on my profile because until the 20th of this month, I'm 38.

I only give you a hard time because I know I would not have done that well, and it is hard to stop after 35 years (you are 35 right? JK).

Amy said...

Alright...if that's what you want to tell yourself....

Hey, look at my links to the right....Races I Plan On of them is in your neck of the woods, so I EXPECT to see you there :O)

Bryan said...

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it! By the way, didn't somebody mistake you for my older sister not to long ago?

I'll be at the race in Conyers.