August 16, 2007

Another Run With 26Marathons

This morning I was totally determined. Determined to get out of bed at 5am, lift weights, and do EVERYTHING I wanted to before heading off to meet 26Marathons and (gasp) be on time.

I did run with 26Marathons but I didn't get up until 5:45, I didn't lift no stinkin weights, and I didn't do anything except pack my bags and brush my teeth (thanks t-roi for doing the rest). And I wasn't even close to being on time. Actually he had run 2 miles by the time I got there and caught up with him.

But I did it. We ran the 5k route. I never stopped. I never wussed out. I never complained. (really, I didn't). And we finished in a not so stellar time of 29:50, or a 9:36 pace. Wow. I did better than I thought. But not quite as good as I am capable. I did discover that I think I like running the first mile solo. He runs faster (much) than I do and when I start off so fast, I lose it fast too. So, *I think* by running the first mile at my turtle pace by myself really helped me end on a good note. And it made me more motivated to meet him on Monday and get that pace below 9 minutes (like it once was. Once. I know it's only happened once).

I can tell that the weather is rightsizing itself (I heard that word last night in class and have been dying to use it). It seems not so humid and a little cooler at 0630. Or I could just be crazy. I did mention something about doing an ultra earlier in the week, so crazy it might be.

On tap for the weekend:

4 miles before my dentist appointment tomorrow morning (Who doesn't love a good repayment plan? You beat up my mouth for years, I force you to get *this* close to my smelly body).

Then a long run on Saturday. Right now it looks like maybe 7 miles, and then 4 on Sunday to round out about 20 miles for the week. As far as my plan to run 3 days of each week during this month, so far so good. It looks like I may miss the mark for my Sunday and Tuesday runs, but meeting the goal for 2 out of 7 days is not bad...especially considering how crap-filled my summer has been.

Have a great weekend!


Laurie said...

Great idea to run the first mile solo. You need to go at your own pace for your warm-up.

Don't worry so much about not running as fast during training runs as you once did. If I remember correctly, you ran sub-9 in a 5K race, right? You will and should be faster during a race than in training.

You're doing great, don't be so hard on yourself.

jeff said...


i'm not talking about the pace, nor the fact that you actually ran this morning...although those things ARE amazing in their own right.

i'm talking about going to the dentist after a run w/o showering first. THAT is awesome. you should go long and get a nice, salty layer on your face, too! man...just think if you lathered! payback!

Anonymous said...

I can't stand the dentist! So excellent move on going sans shower.

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Tom said...

I'm with Jeff. Just head straight to the dentist office from your run. Don't even towel off.

You're hitting your consistent goal pretty well. Keep it up!

WannaBe5Ker said...

I am learning, too, about not going out too fast that first mile.

And just so you know, your pace seems super stellar to me:-)

GL @ the dentist!