July 07, 2007

The sweat hasn't even stopped and I'm already blogging??? That is the sign of a true (nerdy) blogger.

So, here is the run-down. By the way, if you haven't already done so, read the post before this one first...this one will make so much more sense then....

Preface: Don't jump off of the couch and proclaim to the world that you are going to run 5 miles when the only hydration you've had in the last 18 hours consisted of 3 beers and 2 cups of coffee. That goes for food too: running on half a banana was not the smartest thing I've ever done.

So, miles 1-3 were champs. I told myself I could run as slow as I wanted which still ended up being about a 9 minute pace. So much for those 10 minute miles....oh, and I walked. Alot. Around mile 2.5 the effects of malnutrition were starting to set in. I decided that the last 2 miles, I would take the scenic route. Through my Mom's alma mater campus. I pushed myself by saying "run to that stop sign and then you can walk"...and then at the stop sign I'd say "go to the stable entrance and then you can walk" that I think about it, maybe I didn't walk as much as I thought I any rate, it was nice to meander around the campus and remember as a little girl spending time at the lake with my sister (when we were much nicer to each other), or how the sorority girls would take us around campus like we were little playtoys. My mom would spend her time in the library studying or over in the arts building working on her next masterpiece. Anyway, those were good times, and I have many fond memories of that campus. Odd that I live less than a mile from it and never reflect on those memories, or make new ones there.

But back to running. My last push was to run to the garden center. One of those little conservatories that are open to the public all the time. I thought...."if I just make it there, I'll turn on a water hose, splash my face, get a drink, and kick that last miles butt". Or so I thought. As I wondered around the garden (looking out for snakes), I found the water hose. Turned it on. Felt the temperature to make sure it wasn't scalding hot water coming out of the hose. When I confirmed that it wasn't, I proceeded to splash the hose all over my face and even a little in my mouth.




I realized that whatever was going in my mouth didn't taste like water.

At all.

More like what I imagine poison tasting like.


Here I am trying to kick 5 miles butt, and I'm going to poison myself. Is that the way I really want to go out???? I had to stop and laugh at myself because there wasn't a damn thing I could do at this point. I thought well, I should at least start heading back towards home. At least if I keel over, it will be in plain view on a busy road and someone will rescue me within the hour. Or at least recover my body before the birds get there first. As I headed towards the main road, I thought maybe I should find a water fountain and at least try and dilute whatever I had just drank (I wasn't a Girl Scout for nothing...). So, off I go....traipsing around a deserted college campus in the summer on a Saturday. Not a soul in site. I did manage to find a water pipe...turned it on...did the one finger taste test...yep, tasted like real tap I drank. And drank. And drank. All the while thinking at any moment I would start hallucinating. After i felt like I was bloated enough I headed back. [side note: this is the place where I stepped in a huge pile of mud and for the first time got my new asics totally dirty...and I thought what a shame...i wait until the day I poison myself to get my shoes muddy].

With no hallucinations in sight, I figured I could run the last mile back. Besides, all the sweat may work to my benefit by getting rid of the poison.

So, I've made it back in one piece. In a little over an hour I ran/walked 5 miles, revived some childhood memories, and managed to poison myself (until I do some internet research, I'm not ruling out the possibility).

Not bad for a day out on the road. Oh, and sadly I looked back at my training log and the last time I ran 5 miles was on April 18. That's being pathetic at its finest.

One other thing about today's run: I only saw women running. Women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. But no men. The entire time. I live in a pretty popular running spot. Maybe they all got up and ran earlier...who knows.

I'm hoping though that minus the poisoning incident, I may be getting my mojo back. It was so good to push past that 1.5 mile mark, or that 2 mile mark, knowing that I was heading into what could only be 5 miles. I couldn't cheat and just do 3 or 4...or what I have become accustomed to. It just felt good. Even when I walked or when I felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest. It just felt good to know that I was out there doing it. I thought alot. I didn't bring my ipod. Actually, I left it at work on accident, but it was a good thing. Because I could spend so much time reflecting on the past. Where I have been. Where I have come from. Where I want to go. In 19 days, Troy and I will celebrate 2 years of blissfulness and in a few months I will celebrate the day that I started running. It's so hard to sit back and think how much has happened over the last 2 years. How much I have done. How far I have come. How much better I feel inside and out. And there is no way that I'm sabotaging all of that to sit on the couch for one more hour. Or to have one more beer. Or to procastinate one more day. That's not me. That's not the person that I have become or the person that I want to be. That's not the kindof wife or mother I want to be one day. That's not the role model I want to be for my nieces and nephews. It's time to stop with the excuses and just do what needs to be done.

Thanks for the motivation guys.


Sarah said...

I got my mojo back on a run this past Wednesday. Man, it felt good. Cheers to many more miles!

Laurie said...

Welcome back!

I'm glad you didn't get poisoned ;)

Tim said...

Thanks for the B-Day wishes and welcome back!

Anonymous said...

I am motivated after reading that!

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WannaBe5Ker said...

Ok, diluting that poison is probably a good idea...

I talked last week in my blog about what started bringing me out of my two-month post first HM funk...don't know if I can post a link, but the guy above me here did it, so I'll give it a try, lol: adrift. For you, sounds like it might have been that e-mail; for me it was running into folks I hadn't seen in a decade who told me I looked good and finding out they were runners too.

Such a mental thing, sport. Peace to you and again, WTG on that 5 miler!!!!!!

Brittney said...

I'm glad you found the motivation to push a little harder, that and you didn't keel over from hose water. :-)

Kurt said...

Interesting race report!

Glad your alive and well and back with the Mojo!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Nice photo!! My new nickname from my running partners is "Snake Eyes"...
Way to go on the Mojo and getting in the 5 miles!!! I will try not to send any real snakes your way!!