July 06, 2007

Short Update

Well, I managed to eek out 3 miles in exactly 27 minutes this morning, with hills included! And I lifted weights for 30 minutes.

So, for the week I've lifted for an hour and ran 5 miles.

So much for progress, right?

I got an email about motivation that I'm going to post about tomorrow when I have more time. Contrary to those stats above, I really am more motivated than I was last week. But, more about that tomorrow.

For today...I'm off to the GA Aquarium with my brother, my 2 nephews, my niece, my cousin, her husband and their little one. After that we're heading over to the World of Coke, then back to my parents house for dinner. Should be a fun-packed day.

And I already got my run in!

More tomorrow when I have more time to ramble.

Have a great Friday!


Kurt said...

Hey at least you ran. That is making progress. Now you need to get more miles in, you have a big race coming up.

Firefly's Running said...

Have fun!

Phil said...

You know your in Georgia when the World of Coke means your going to a cola factory. Have a great time.