July 12, 2007

Me and Mr. Nike-pod

When T-roy bought me an ipod for my birthday, he went one step further....he also got me a Nike + iPod. Since, I have been so freakin busy, today was the first day that I've been able to test it out.

Now, let me preface this story by saying 1) I had already calibrated it at home and 2) Although I don't wear Nike's I've read that I can just Velcro it under my shoes laces. I forgot my velcro (my Dad would be disappointed), so I just stuck it in my pocket...because if it works way down there (on my shoe) then it's bound to work [correctly] in my pocket, right?

What I was most excited about this morning was not measuring my distance, or my time, or how many calories I had burned, but rather I was completely entrigued by the thought of some male voice periodically talking over my music...."just one more mile"...."you can do it"...."do you know how hot you look right now?"...of course, in my imagination this voice also had a slight Italian accent.

So, it was much to my surprise when I found out that Mr. Nike Pod doesn't have an accent, but rather just speaks normal computer English. His voice isn't even that soothing. I mean, how much could Nike make if they take some hot Italian hunk (I must be getting old if I just really used the word "hunk") and had him tell me how nice my butt looks in these shorts??? I would pay extra for that. For real.

But, he did speak and really that's all T-roy paid for. He told me that my workout was beginning and when I stopped my workout he told me which buttons to press to save my stats. And that's it. I've got so more work to do with Mr. Nike Pod, because I am certain that he does more than that. Oh, I forgot. He did do something else. About every 3/4 of a mile he would come on and say "workout has stopped...please press the center button to resume." Now, I know that I run slow, but really...was I running so slow that he thought I had stopped???? I would press the center button and he would "zone back in"...whatever that means. And when I was done Mr. Nike Pod happily reported that I had run .22 miles in 44 minutes and 45 seconds.

I really have to figure out how to use this thing [correctly].

So, another run in the books. And since I didn't bother to see what was on my training schedule, I decided to run 5 miles (that's being flexible...right, jeff??). OH, and I really did run it in 44:45 (I started my watch at the same time since I had a sneaking suspicion that I wouldn't operated nikepod correctly). And I should mention here that I walked a minute every mile. And my pace was still 9:08???? What has gotten into me?

I did notice a few pains though. One mainly in the balls of my feet (both of them). I'm attributing that to the high heels I wore to work yesterday. I also haven't done laundry in a while (note: get on that tomorrow) so I wore not so great know, the ones in the back of the drawer that you don't throw away because you really might need them one day. And I think I might be getting ready for a new pair of shoes. I have 210 on these, and although I know I can get another hundred miles out of them, I probably should go ahead and get a replacement pair and start rotating them. Other than that, the pain of actually being out there was nil.

I'm hoping to get 6 miles in tomorrow and Saturday to make a total of (hold your breath) 20 miles for the entire week! And I just went back and looked thru my log...and OMG, I haven't run 20 miles in a week this entire year.

And on that sad note, I hope you have a great day!


Kurt said...

Good job on the running and get that 20 miler in!

Way to go and I have heard mixed things on the nike ipod system.

Laurie said...

The foot sensor does need to go in/on your shoe somewhere to work correctly. It is similar to a pedometer in that it counts steps taken and is not a GPS system. That is why it said you only went 0.22 miles when you actually did 5 and why it said your workout had stopped. You may need to calibrate it a few times before it is accurate consistently.

Nice job on the fast miles! You are hardly slow :)

miss petite america said...

i thought i'd like the male voice too, but i didn't. he sounded too sterile. so i listen to the female voice. and it's cool at the end of some of your runs you'll get a message from lance armstrong or paula radcliffe.

i got a shoe wallet that you strap onto the laces of your shoe. and it was free!

Anne said...

So did you ever figure out just what you ingested instead of tap water the other day?!

thatredheadedlady said...

I think the ipod should have the voice of Bono - but that's just me . . . maybe -

Amy said...

Sounds like you are back in a running grove from your last few posts - just keep moving!

WannaBe5Ker said...

SUPER pace and super job getting out there!!!!!!

Nike + look so fun, gl with it!