July 10, 2007

I hate studying

OMG....I just studied for 12 solid hours.

No kidding.

I woke up at 7am and got started on a take-home test for Finance.

It is now 7:04pm and I am done with my test.

And still in my pajamas.

If I ever say I'm not dedicated, remind me of this...okay?

Running (along with showering, eating, going to the bathroom [sorry], and going to work) will resume tomorrow.

I was actually supposed to go to the Freedom Concert with my parents. Not that I give a hoot about country music, but I do like my freedom. And well, my mom really wanted to go. I took the day off to do that, but around noon the power went out (on the entire block...nice) so I decided that was the Big Guy's way of telling me to stay put and finish that test! I'm sure the rest of the fam will have a blast without me.

So, now I'm off to take a shower, cause I was just kidding about waiting until tomorrow....and put on some clean pjs (cause staying in them this long is even gross by my standards).

Have a great evening.


miss petite america said...

everything should feel as good as clean pajama pants.

WannaBe5Ker said...

Ok, it stinks big time that you had to work for 12 hours on that test, and that you missed the Freedom Concert (I've been curious about that, too, we have one locally as well). But at least that stinkin' test is DONE. And now you may resume your life!!!

GL with resuming everything:-)

Tim said...

At my house, we call that "Pajama Day!"

jeff said...

haha...i know you were thinking, "this will get jeff to post" as you wrote about the bathroom bit. you know me too well. hah

hey, congrats on getting your mojo back. i'm right there with ya!