July 24, 2007

Crazy Week Has Begun

I had to give a presentation last night in my stats class...which by the way, we bombed. I have to do some more work on that (yuck, regression analysis) so that someone else can write the accompanying paper (I put the presentation together, it's someone elses job to write the paper). I'm in a certification class today for work for a certification exam that I take within the next week (before 10 modules of defense acquisitons seeps from my brain). I have a take-home test due Monday in my stats class. I have a take-home test due next Thursday in my finance class. I have an in-class final in my stats class on Monday. I have an in-class final in my finance class next Thursday. Our engagement party is weekend after next so my mom wants some help next week getting her house ready. We are having out of town company for the party so we (me and T) have to get our house in order (and yes, that means repainting the kitchen cabinets...and yes, I think it's more important than the yard). And I need something cute and engagementy to wear. And it's my grandmother's 82nd birthday on Thursday, so I've got to figure out what to do to make it special. Oh, and I do have this thing called a job that I have to go to. I will have one week that (so far) nothing is planned for, and then it's back to school. I think that's it. OH, and I am registered to run a 10k in there. Somewhere in there I will find time to run. Really. Let's all hope next semester is not so busy.

Have a great Tuesday!


jeff said...

hang in there, amy. we're pulling for you!

Anonymous said...

wow...sounds like you need a drink. j/k...good luck with all that's going will get through it!

Troy Tarpley said...

sounds like you need to delegate some of those projects to Troy. i'm sure he could help you with the non-class things, like helping your mom get her house ready or picking out a nice little engagement party outfit. Just ask him.

Firefly's Running said...

Wow! You are really busy! Hang in there!