July 18, 2007

4 miles

So my feet actually touched the pavement for four whole miles this morning. I would like to say that all of it was running, but that just wasn't happening.

Things against me this morning:

- I NEED TO DRINK MORE WATER. What part of this do I not understand???
- It must have been 147 degrees out there (okay so the local news station just said its actually 82.5 degrees with 70% humidity, but who's counting right?)
- I waited until 9am to run....hellllllllloooooo, there is no shade at that time
- Have I mentioned that I haven't been running much lately?

And finally, my calves starting cramping up around 3.25 miles. More towards the top of my calf, right under the back of my knees...both of them. At this point I'm attributing this to dehydration since it's never happened before. Let me know if you (reader) have a better diagnosis.

Oh, and how often do you replace your shoes? I've only got 215 on these, but I was thinking about going ahead and getting another pair and rotating them.

Plan to do some speedwork this evening because t-roy will be riding his bike with the fellas.

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Tim said...

I keep a post it note on my office computer which says "Hydrate Frequently".

I also have one which says "Call Beth - morning, afternoon and on my way home".

I have a tough time remembering sometimes and often repeat myself.

I have a tough time remembering sometimes and often repeat myself.