June 05, 2007

Weekend Recap

Note: After I wrote this, I went back and re-read it and I must say it is quite a boring post. But, it's an entry in the books. Enjoy.

Well, the weekend went off without a hitch. My last official weekend of freedom (for the summer anyway) is in the books.

It started off with our trip to the airport...I still can't believe that we made it on time. Since I met Troy I don't think we have been on time for one single thing....ever. I used to be on time. But that was in the past. The past before I met Troy. Do you see a recurring theme here?

At any rate, we saw lots of folks at the airport on their way to San Diego for the Rock n Roll Marathon. Which was cool for us, since it was our first marathon together. And of course, I'll strike up a conversation with a wall, so it was not unlike me to start talking to the people we met in the security checkpoint line. It turned out that one was running the half marathon and the other worked for TNT and was helping out. But, she would be running her first half at the Nike Women later this year. It was cool to see all of the people with their TNT shirts on, as we could spot them a mile away, and know exactly where they were headed.

The flight was uneventful (thank goodness) and T's friend M was there at RDU to pick us up. Our first stop was the liquor store, and then the grocery store for 3 cases of beer...I knew then that I was in trouble.

We headed to M's for a beer (at 11am) and a nap (we had been up since 4am) and later in the evening headed out to some local tap room for dinner and, you guessed it, more beer. It was nice to meet some of T's old college friends and make new friends. After the dinner we all went bowling (about 15 of us). There is nothing better than bowling with at least 10 drunk people. Some of the moves were priceless, and M (the birthday boy) took a back seat to bowling after his first seemed that an entire day of drinking was not conducive to his aging body (okay, so he's only 37, but it sounded better to word it that way...haha). After bowling our designated driver, C, piled 9 of us (not including herself) into her minivan. And before you say it, yes we were aware that there weren't enough seatbelts, much less seat, for all 9 of any rate, as our luck would have it, we had to drive through a DUI checkpoint. Of course, we are all freaking out as we finally realized that there were too many people packed into the back of that van. T and I buckle into the same seatbelt, and another person drops to the floor in hopes of making herself invisible. The officer steps up to the car and asks C for her driver licenses and if she had been drinking.....she says.....we all died....and tried not to snicker....because she looks right at this obvious male...and says:

"Yes, ma'am".

Wait a minute. Did she just call him a ma'am???? And did she just tell him that she had been drinking???? We were screwed.

He asks how many and she replies "2". Does she want us all to go to jail????

He looks back at her, hands her license back to her, and tells her to be on her way.

She was awesome. She later told us that 1. she didn't mean to call him ma'am (obviously) and 2. that she knew if she said she hadn't been drinking he might want to search the car, at which point we would have been screwed. I would have never been that quick. Like I said, she's awesome.

Saturday we spent the entire day at the lake, with some swimming, some jet skiing, some water skiing...oh and lots and lots of beer. It was a perfect Saturday afternoon. Saturday night, after being exhausted from being in the sun all day, we ordered pizza and hung out at M and C's house playing Shut the Box which is my new favorite game, darts, and pool. I think it involved drinking more beer, and taking a few shots of Jack Daniels (yeah, I'm that tough).

Sunday we headed back home, with our first female captain navigating the plane. That was many times as I've flown, I've never had a female captain. She got us back to Atlanta in one piece, which I never doubted she would be able to....on our way home some friends called and invited us to IVP (the place we got engaged) for some pizza and beer. I figured, what the's not like 2 more beers is going to hurt....we made the decision to NOT go home first but to just head to IVP and wait on them. [it was at this point that we had decided to start making a tentative guest list for the wedding...not including family or our parents close friends, we are already at 150 guests....yikes!] So, more pizza, more beer, more fun. We headed home about 10pm....

To no electricity.

No kidding. After an entire weekend of being gone all I wanted to do was shower and get in my own bed and watch my own tv and get something cold to drink (that was not a beer) out of my own refrigerator. Of course, when we discovered that we had no power, my first thoughts (and words) were "T, did you pay the power bill????" His face got all white as he scrambled around resetting the circuit breaker, looking at the meter, and trying to figure out what was going on. Because OUR NEIGHBORS DID HAVE POWER! I, being of sound mind, decided to go straight to the source and call the power company, who said they send someone out. And my meek response was "so it didn't get disconnected for not paying the bill?" She laughed at me for a minute and said "no, we wouldn't turn your power off over the weekend anyway." So, there. I owed T a big fat apology and as I apologized I saw all of the blood return to his face....the power company finally arrived around 1am to make the repair. It seems that a fuse had blown at the transformer which is on the corner of our driveway.

So, that was my last weekend of freedom. School started last Thursday, and last night was my first night of class for my other class (I'm taking Finance and Stats this semester). I have never taken so many notes in 3 hours as I did last night. Yikes. But my professor (who I initially thought was a student) had on a Darkside Running Club T-shirt. At the first break, I asked if he had actually run the 50k and he replied that no, he had chickened out and just run the marathon. But then that spurred an entire conversation on his love for running ultras (he's run a few 50ks, a few 100ks, and a couple of 100 milers), his first 24 hour run coming up (which is on a 1.5 loop around a lake!), and all things running. It was cool to actually be on his level, and he remarked that he may have me converted to being an ultra runner before the semester ends...if it involves me getting an A in Stats, then I'll consider it....just kidding. I'm not that crazy...yet. He also said that his father-in-law has run 250 marathons just in the last 10 years and he's in his 70's!

No running this weekend as I just wanted to really do nothing. And besides my beer to water ratio over the weekend probably wouldn't have allowed me to make it more than a mile or so....yesterday I was back to it, running 3 miles and lifting weights after. I can really start to tell a difference in the hottness of my arms with all of this weight lifting :)

This weeks plans are:
1-3 miler
3-4 milers
1-5 miler
Saturday speedwork
3 days of lifting weights with an increase in the weight for the first rep.

Hope everyone has a great week. I'm off work today (yahoo) to go wedding dress shopping with my mom and my future mother-in-law!


Tim said...

Welcome back - like the new look on your site!

Found your reference to "life before Troy" interesting as Beth refers to her "Pre-Tim" and "Post-Tim" life as well.

Firefly's Running said...

Great post, Amy!

Phil said...

This was a great post! It is up to us to judge what is boring. Your only task is to write :)

Best of luck with your summer school (brings back memories for me and also a feeling of relief that I have my MBA behind me).

Good luck.

Laurie said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. I loved the story about your DD, now that is some quick thinking!

Have fun wedding dress shopping!

Kurt said...

Nice post and good catch up. Try to have a designated driver in the future though.

Good luck with school!