June 13, 2007

We Are Not Joggers....right.....

After reading Jeff's post "irresponsible marketing" and following the links to actually see the advertisment (seen here), I decided to send my own letter. Enjoy!

Dear Sirs, or Ma’ams, or Marketing Geniuses (whatever you want to call yourselves),

I am writing in response to your recent advertising campaign “We Are Not Joggers”. After reading the advertisement, I am completely confused as to where the dividing line falls between a runner and a jogger. I know that your marketing department probably thinks that they did a suburb job of making the distinction but I think I may fall somewhere in the middle as these examples will prove:

----Sometimes I wear my mp3 player, and sometimes I don’t. When I’m really trying to be “tuned into every facet of my run experience”, I put on some Mozart. But then you claim that only joggers wear mp3 players so now I’m totally confused!

----I have, at times, not only felt like I might make people nervous, but I have actually succeeded at it. For example, when I was training for my last marathon my co-workers would get really nervous when I would leave the office (after working for 9 hours) and run 16 miles. So, that makes me a runner, right?

----I have put in a few miles on a treadmill. I actually hate it more than anything but I have this thing inside called “smart determination” (and yes, I made that term up). It means that if there is one of our frequent lightening storms occurring at the same time as a scheduled run, I choose to get my miles in on the treadmill, rather than get fried outdoors. I think you referred to as the “meteorological hand you are dealt”. I used to refer to it as being a smart runner, but now I’m undecided on what to call myself.

----Also, you mentioned something about recumbent bike riders and lawn darts. I once ran a half-marathon alongside a friend who traversed the entire state of Alaska on a recumbent bike. She’s also traveled across the entire United States on that bike, all in one trip. So, does that mean that both of aren’t runners?

----I’ve never purchased a snow cone while running but I have put my Asics on a “gentrified stretch of pedestrian walkway”. Some of us live in cities. It’s our way of coping with the urbanization of America. So, we RUN on sidewalks. I can’t imagine that everyone person who is a runner and runs in Pearl Izumis has never RUN on a sidewalk.

By the way, I tried to Google “half-assed” and “synonym”. No such synonym exists. I know I made up the term “smart determination” but I don’t think it’s responsible for a major company such as yours to not have an educated editing department to catch that error.

Finally, I think that this entire ad campaign speaks words for your advertising department. I’m so glad that when I graduated with my Marketing degree I didn’t apply for a job with you guys. By the way, I’ve since gone back to school to become an accountant, but actually work as an auditor, so does that mean I’m not an accountant either?

Don’t be in a hurry to get back to me on this. You may be confused on whether I’m a runner or a jogger. As for me, I’m one of the “precious few [who] are lucky enough to know what it means to run.”


Runner Amy

P.S. I’m not sure what you meant by “the whole body-finding thing is more of a coincidence”. How come no one told me that running faster equated to be a detective? Someone should setup a booth at the next marathon expo I’m at. That would surely help clear up any confusion!


Kurt said...

Loved the letter. For what it is worth, I consider myself just an average runner.

Garou said...

Great letter. I am trying to compose one to them myself, but the vitriol keeps getting in the way.

Tim said...

Well said Amy, well said.